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Van Boat

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1. Van Boat

I’ve never seen anything like this, have you?

This super unique “van-boat” was featured on my friend Deek’s site RelaxShax.

His theme last week was shantyboats so you’ll be able to explore more of those if you head there.

Van Boat

2. Don’s Tiny Log Cabin

You’ll see this at my friend Kent’s web site, the Tiny House Blog.

Don built the cabin with wood that was right on his land, not having to spend much at all on buying materials.

3. Designing Your Own Tiny House with Google SketchUp

Michael Janzen over at Tiny House Design is a Google SketchUp pro and he’s created a 7 part series (maybe there’s more coming – I’m not sure) that will help you draw your own tiny house with SketchUp.

Here are the links to each (they all point to Tiny House Design). So if you’ve been wanting to play around with designs, these videos will help you.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7

Design your own tiny house with Google Sketchup

4. More Freedom through Less Stuff

This post and picture was by me on another web site called Tiny House Lover that’s more about simple living.

5. The 130 Square Foot Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

Fencl Tiny House Interior Pictures

This is one of my favorite tiny house designs and it’s just a link to a post I did on it a while back in September – in case you haven’t seen it already.

It’s designed to be built on a trailer and has an upstairs sleeping loft. Go check it out.

6. What’s next for minimalist houses?

What's next for minimalist houses

This article makes the idea of a more official tiny house community seem possible. It’s the story of Rich Daniels, who the article says has been building and selling dozens of minimalist homes over the last five years. Click here to learn more. Link opens up to the article on OregonLive.com.

7. How much do I really need?

This video goes as extreme as featuring a bicycle camper… But all for the purpose of getting you to ask yourself, “How much do I really need?” You can watch this video right here.

Flying with a kiteboard

You are about to learn some things you didn’t know about me plus…

1) Some funny and interesting corrections from the News-Press article I was in

2) How I’m earning a living and

3) An awesome action shot I took of somebody doing a CRAZY kiteboard jump.

There were some comments on the News-Press article that I appreciate being brought up but wanted to correct real quick.

It says that Andrea (the awesome woman that I’ve been with for the last five years) is preparing to become a yoga instructor. I guess this statement understandably led a reader to make the assumption that she is unemployed and does nothing but “prepare to be a yoga teacher” when that is very far from the truth…

The reality is she works full time as a real estate paralegal and already is a yoga instructor – she teaches 2-3 classes of yoga per week and even finds the time to build and run her own web site. She works harder than 99% of people that I know.

And as for me, thankfully, nobody (including Andrea) has had to help me financially. You will find that out for yourself later as I share some of my online business adventures.

You should know that I am very grateful to be able to do what I’m doing, but I won’t let you believe that it was EASY for me to do it. It wasn’t, it still isn’t, and it has required for me to risk a lot while making some decisions that just seemed plain stupid at the time.

But I know that the long term pay off is worth it and I owe my last 15 months of being able to build my own small business full time to…

  • Saving money while I was working full time because I knew I wanted to do this
  • Getting rid of and being happy with way less stuff since 2007 (we haven’t been perfect, but hey)
  • No more car payments since 2008 (yes we’ve been to the mechanic more than I wish, but it’s still made a huge difference… I think about going completely car-less a lot)
  • Being able to read inspiring stories and interacting with people who are making a living online

It was September of 2009 when I left my job with $7,542 in the bank. I saved $314 per paycheck for a year. I was a man on a mission. The day I left my job was scary yet exciting because I knew what I wanted to do.

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Tiny House Talk in the News-Press

If you were to start building your own tiny house right now, which of Tumbleweed’s designs would you pick?

The reason I’m asking is because I just talked to Steve from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses and he graciously asked me if I’d like to be apart of the Orlando, Florida Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop and of course I said yes!

I am even more excited than I was the other day when I found out that I was featured on the Sunday cover of the Real Estate section on the News-Press where Jay Shafer, Kent Griswold, and Gregory Johnson were mentioned. How cool is that?

Tiny House Talk in the News-Press

That’s our awesome little dog, Louie, in our apartment that we just moved into. It’s a 600 square foot place (we went up from 500) and it was a relatively easy move because we just had to go downstairs (same apartment building). I’ll tell you all about it later, if you even care to know.

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Small Apartment

Here is a 500 square foot small apartment that was designed for the owners not only to live in but also work out of and use as an office.

The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly clean and organized it looks. The designers incorporated seamless design throughout the place making storage look pretty much invisible.

If you like the pine interiors of some of the Tumbleweed tiny houses that you’ve seen on here, then you’ll probably like this studio apartment too. And there are so many cool features…

  • Below the upstairs bedroom loft, you get a walk in closet for storage
  • On the way up to the loft, you can use the stairs as camouflage storage
  • Plants throughout give you that warm “homey” feeling
  • Professional millwork gives you lots of “invisible” storage, which makes the place feel clean and simple yet modern

You can have a look at the photos right here thanks to photographers Frank Ouderman and Sean Karns. And Jordan Pamass Digital Architecture – more on them below.

Upstairs Bedroom Loft in this Small Apartment

Underneath the bedroom lies a walk in closet.

Stairs double as storage

Staircase doubles as storage — no need for a bulky dresser.

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Simple Living as a Family

For you and me, the reasons to live in a tiny house are obvious by now…

  • The cost savings
  • Re-evaluating our values
  • Downturn in the economy
  • Enjoying a very little maintenance lifestyle

What motivates you might be more specific, like starting your own business or getting your family out of debt.

But what if you’re not living alone? What does a tiny house for a family look like then?

Simple Living as a Family

Simple living as a family

At this point, a tiny house sort of goes out the window. How many of you are in the a situation where you are not living alone?

Do YOU have a

  • significant other, or
  • daughter(s)
  • son(s)
  • family member
  • roommate

…that’s living with you?

Then for you, a small house is probably in the range of 400 to 1200 square feet, maybe even bigger if you have a large family.

A great example is a woman I’m interviewing right now who has a husband and two kids. They live simply in a 1200 square foot apartment and are on the verge of having an amazing overseas family adventure for an entire year. All thanks to happily living below their means.

Stay tuned for the interview so you can learn more about how the family is doing it. Meanwhile, will you tell us what you think about simple living as a family in the comments? Do you have your own story to share?

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