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I ran into a new video of a tiny house builder that I had not seen or heard of before. His name is Stephen Marshall and the name of his company is Little House on the Trailer.

In this video he talks about how he got started with tiny houses back when he was 21. Stephen designs and builds these little structures on wheels for all kinds of people. He has sold them for use as a/an…

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Allow me to introduce you to one of our new contributors for Tiny House Talk.  I’m excited to have someone else on board who loves the topic as much as many of us do.  Newt will be contributing once per week so stay tuned for her updates.  For now I’ll go ahead and pass it on to her!  – Alex

Hi everyone! I’m a 20 year old freelance writer living in Portland, OR. I was born in Venezuela where my family did volunteer work for seven years.

When I was one, we moved to Wisconsin.  The farm we created is where I grew up: 20 acres of wild Wisconsin woods, an acre garden, a milk cow, a dog, some cats, a mule, a donkey, chickens, horses, and my mom, dad and sister.  Both my sister and I were unschooled.

We ran our house on solar panels and a gas generator and had a latrine out back. We pumped water from our well with the power from our car batteries into the horse trough in our attic so that it could gravity feed to our kitchen and bathtub-room.  In summer, we used a gas fridge; in winter, an outdoor fridge with a huge hole cut in the side to let the winter cold in.

We left when I was thirteen but Wisconsin still feels like home.  I ended up in Portland at eighteen sharing a five bedroom house with six people.  I now live in an uncomfortably spacious one bedroom apartment.

I work online, bike everywhere and love Portland, but I’ve got wanderlust in my blood.  In the coming months, I’ll be buying a car, converting it into a portable home, and traveling the US until I feel like being still again. This is a dream I’ve had since I was 12 and, while I plan to keep a few boxes of art supplies and old journals in a friend’s basement, I’m excited to start drastically downsizing my possessions.

DIY Tiny House Construction Project

Meet Collin and Joanna. On June 6th 2010 they took a serious step by purchasing a trailer for their own tiny Tumbleweed Fencl house.

By this time they are well on their way to many of our dreams… Their very own tiny house on wheels.

They have their own (awesome) blog where they are sharing the experience on the construction of their tiny house. So make sure to add it to your favorites!

Recently they have posted up lots of pictures for us to look at and I wanted to be sure you knew about their tiny house adventure! The photos feature the foundation on their trailer and some of the framing on the house. Stop by their blog and say hello!

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Interior of Garage Studio Apartment

This garage was converted into a minimalist studio by Seattle-based SHED Architecture & Design. Right away you will notice the simple kitchen, built in bookshelves, and a perfectly nestled loft bed.

Plus a corner desk, living space with coffee table, and plenty of natural lighting because of all the windows.

One unique feature is the closet tucked into what seems to be the ladder to get up into the sleeping loft. This place has a wonderful homey feel to it and packs everything you need with elegance and all within 320 square feet.

It also looks like the bathroom is there almost as open space (near the desk area) which is the side you would use to climb up into the bed loft.


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Have you ever heard of Dancing Rabbit Eco Village? It’s an intentional community of around 50 people in rural northeast Missouri. Their goal is to live sustainable and socially rewarding lives. I found out about them before I ever put up this blog and will definitely plan a visit in the future, it sounds like an amazing place to learn, grow, and live with the land.

Community members help each other build different kinds of homes using natural building techniques, recycled, salvaged, and renewable materials. They also have an internship/work-exchange opportunity that is worth a look for any of you interested in learning. I bet that would be an awesome experience. One that I would love to take part in.

Anyways the main purpose of this post is not only to tell you about Dancing Rabbit, but to announce that there is an opportunity to purchase neighboring land right next to the village. There are currently 80 acres of land for sale along with a 4 bedroom home. They are asking $240,000 and Dancing Rabbit is willing to help find friendly loans and/or put together multiple parties to help a deal go through.

This sounds like a great opportunity for the right people to come together to form a tiny house community near like minded people. The 4 bedroom house can serve multiple creative purposes.

There is also a 25 by 36 foot garage on the property which would make a great place for woodworking and putting together tiny houses.

I can picture a few people getting together and using the house to live in while utilizing the garage to build tiny houses to create a community here.  And who knows, you may have the help of up to 50 like minded neighbors.

To learn more about Land and Home for sale near Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage visit their announcement page here.


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Coast Modern is about breaking down the barriers between indoor and outdoor space in homes.

They are not particularly tiny but they are beautifully designed and great for families.

Filmmakers Michael Bernard and Gavin Froome explore architecture from 1922 up to the now.

Great video for those of you interested in modern architecture.

I would love to see more small modern structures with the same design principles demonstrated here.


I ran into this today on Huffington Post.  It was published a couple days ago on July 7 2010:  Robyn Griggs Lawrence: Size Matters: Americans Moving to Smaller Homes.  The announcement is that according to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey houses are getting smaller.  So I looked for the survey and here’s what it says.

The report’s title reads While Home and Lot Sizes are Still Shrinking, Property Enhancements Remain Popular. It’s written by Kermit Baker, American Institute of Architects’ Chief Economist.  House and lot sizes are decreasing.  Outdoor living space is becoming more popular while things like expensive landscaping, water fountains, and other expensive improvements.

According to the survey, most of the residential architects reported experiencing a decrease in home sizes.  Both entry level and upscale houses showed a decrease in size.

Here is something I found interesting…

Households are looking for more flexibility in their smaller homes, and as such open space layouts are growing in popularity. Traditional single-function rooms such as formal dining rooms or living rooms are less popular, being replaced by rooms that can serve multiple purposes for the household.

In summary this report states that current trends are leading towards smaller spaces, more outdoorsy designs, and an increased demand in multipurpose areas.  Then there are tiny houses which are not directly talked about in this report.

I think most homeowners have not realized that tiny houses on trailers are an opportunity to build a $20,000 really small guest house without having to pay expensive permits–as long as RVs are allowed to be parked on the property.  You could rent it or live in it while you rent your other house and live as if you were mortgage free.

Ideas for discussion: How much do you think a tiny house would rent for where you live?  Have any of you ever toyed with the idea of buying a normal house where you can park and live in the tiny house while collecting rent from the larger one?  If that’s not a possibility for you then what about building a tiny house to rent or to have an inexpensive guest house?




Read the Huffington Post Article Here

Read the American Institute of Architects 2010 Trends Survey Here

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