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Modern Tree House

This modern tree house looks expensive but is completely awesome.

This one is located in Germany and is designed by Baumraum architects.

It has a deck, plenty of windows, and a very nice sleeping area.

They call this one the nut room because it’s designed in the shape of a walnut. It has eight asymmetric posts to help hold it up.

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The Dome Garden is a unique place to stay. It’s located in Coleford, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

What’s there to do there? Besides being surrounded by nature and tranquility, it sits between two famous rivers that are known for great canoeing and fishing.

And it’s two hours away from London.

There’s an interesting group of geodesic domes that can house two to six people each in the middle of the ancient Forest of Dean.

One of my favorite parts besides the peaceful setting is the domes. They have windows and are self-contained.

Plus there are a few different sizes to choose from in case you’re going alone, for a romantic getaway, or with the whole family…

There’s a 20ft with a shower, 24ft with a bath, and a luxurious 20ft with a spare bedroom dome. All of them have their own place to shower or bath and the water is heated by wood burning stoves. And yes, toilets are in there too.

In addition each one has its own kitchen with fridge and food. Then there is something they call the “dome-itory”, it’s a 24ft dome that can sleep up to ten people with privacy in their own little “cocoons”.

See picture at the bottom of post!

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I know that 900 square feet is spacious to many of us but I think it’s an appropriate size for families. I’ve seen this video before a couple of months back but wanted to post it here in case you haven’t seen it.

They call it the Penguin House and it was designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

The most unique feature of the home is how the architect designed light to come in through various places by creating windows on all corners of the house. This helps it feel larger than it is and also helps brings the outside space in.

It covers just 322 square feet as a lot but the floor space is 899 square feet to be exact. Yamashita makes rooms feel larger by utilizing space that’s usually wasted, including a floating kitchen cabinet and the most interesting staircase.

The house also features high ceilings with light coming in through all rooms. It has three stories which includes a music studio and more. Enjoy the video below.


I encourage you to watch the video tour below:

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If you frequent Derek Diedricksen’s blog RelaxShax you might already know about our day over in Matlacha, Florida doing some tiny house hunting (trying to make it sound manly). We found plenty of funky structures that we’ll both be sharing with you, and we filmed some video too.

Look out for a video interview with Derek and me along with a separate episode of Matlacha on Tiny Yellow House.

Here’s what I got for you… Enjoy!


The pleasure of simple living attracts people from all walks of life and the wide variety of tiny house possibilities accommodates them all.  There are no specific rules for in tiny houses; just the underlying concept of simplicity and the environmental responsibility and de-cluttering that comes with it.

For people who want to be on the move, whether traveling constantly or relocating every few months, building a tiny house on a trailer combines the mobility they need with the simplicity they’re after. Houseboats also let simple livers travel, though less widely. Living on water requires different sensibilities and skills than living on land and though these can be acquired, simple living afloat is not for everyone.

Yurts and teepees originated as primitive shelters but the simplicity they lend to both builders and dwellers have made them popular in modern simple living circles. Both are circular and can be built as temporary shelter or a permanent abode. Yurts are easier to convert into more civilized living spaces while teepees hold onto their ancestral primal feel.

Taking existing structures and converting them into living spaces is not only an easy way to create a tiny house but it is also a way to harness the existing design of huge living spaces for the good of simple living. Garages and guesthouses are popular for simple living re-purposing construction. Since the shelter is already there and usually already the perfect size for a tiny house, all that needs done are minor improvements and adjustments to make it a cozy living space.

tiny houses pink 01
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Hi everyone we have a new guest blogger, Theresa Stevens who is an awesome samba dancer. She lives in a really small space in northern California and today she’s going to take you on a tour of her wonderful little house.

You’ll get to see her outdoor shower, mini kitchen, bedroom loft, outside living room, and more. I’ll let her take it away on video…

– Alex

To learn more about Theresa visit her samba blog at Theresa Loves to Dance dot com!

Check out these other tiny house tours:


Dawn and Scott Hines of North Carolina were looking for a certain kind of tiny house: something portable, cozy, a temporary home away from home. They bought tiny house building plans, but needed to make some adjustments in order for them to work.

But with no construction or architectural experience between them, what was to be done? They started with Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Weebee plans and attended one of their building seminars. They found the rest of their answers in Chuck Peterson of C&E Construction. He helped them build their tiny house on wheels, using the building plans as a guide, changing parts of it and inserting certain things to make it their own.

front of tiny houseIn their finished house, there’s a main floor and a loft, a kitchen and a bathroom and a living room. With the help of their contractor, Chuck, they raised the ceiling a little, upgraded the shower, and chose a composting toilet. Since they use their house primarily in Illinois each year, they also made sure the house plans were adapted to keep them warm in below freezing weather.

Is it perfect? No, not quite. There are few parts of their design they would change if they were to do it again – adding a light switch in the loft, moving an electrical box around – but overall the tiny house is exactly what they wanted. It’s a hideaway on wheels, a retreat on the go, and a perfect spot to cozy up and get away from it all.

What makes the Hines story unique? They took building a tiny house a step further. When Chuck went to work sawing and nailing, they turned on their video camera and kept up with his progress. A year after their house’s completion, they have a finished DVD for sale detailing every step of the construction process. In the video, we follow Chuck around as he measures and plans, narrating to the camera what he is doing and how each step is unique to building a small scale house.
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