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Deek's Micro Cabin

I was really excited to see these photos in my e-mail today from Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.

He built this get away mini cabin for under $200. Much of it was recycled, too.

Hickshaw… the $200 Micro Cabin

What’s it called? The Hickshaw. And… I love it.

I would love to have something like this to work in, read, relax and sometimes even nap in.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Derek.

Here’s some newer (and older), as yet seen, photos of the cabin


hickshaw base
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Beacon Hill, Boston

This is a photograph of Beacon Hill, Boston.

It is a fascinating early 19th century neighborhood with narrow streets.

It’s a national historic district and is very well preserved.

Houses are well maintained with low traffic streets and gas lit street lighting.

This town seems as it would feel like a real community, unlike much of our newer towns.

Beacon Hill, Boston

Photo by Chee-Onn Leong


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A common misperception is that the current American state of auto-dependency is a result of the free market doing its work. In fact, a variety of government interventions ensure that the transportation market is skewed towards car-ownership. These policy biases are too numerous to list exhaustively, but a few merit special recognition:

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I’m going to try to do a tiny house furniture post at least once per week. This will be a good way to show everyone what’s already out there as far as tiny house furniture goes.

Today I’ll be featuring a dual purpose chair which transforms into a ladder/step stool. Great for a library but can also be useful in a tiny house, especially since we deal with lofts and loft storage a lot.

These might not be tall enough to get you up into your bedroom loft, although it may?? But it’ll at least give you access to some of those hard to reach storage spots.




Here’s some information from the retailer…

Said to have been designed originally by Benjamin Franklin, master inventor, this easy to convert piece is a wonder. It flips over to instantly make a handy stepladder perfect for the kitchen, library, and garage or storage areas. Made from hardwood and finished in white, it will look great in you home and last through years of use. Chair is 16″W x 15.25″D x 34″H.

You might be able to order it at Stonewall Kitchen. (Link opens in a new window)

Here’s another one that I found…


And you can try ordering that one through this link (opens in new window).

Also check out Ryan Mitchell’s guest post on the Tiny House Blog called Seating in a Tiny House.

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Allow me to introduce you to the Stealth Van Dweller blog.

Curtis and Mary have been adventuring on the road for the past 13 years. And they’ve had this cool blog up since 2008.

In it they talk about lots of interesting topics when it comes to living and traveling in a van. He’s got lots of useful posts especially for anyone considering traveling.

Here are some useful direct links to some of his posts… He writes most of his content at AssociatedContent and links to that from his blog. Just so you know!

I’ve set all links to open in a new window for you..

Heating your van for the winter

Where his love of vans began

Making a Mattress Cover

Making a Mattress Cover Pt 2

More Van Dwelling Bed Pictures

A Simple Water System to Stay Clean

Hope you enjoyed. Curtis obviously has a lot of information and pictures he’s sharing so make sure to check his site thoroughly for ideas and tips.

See you guys tomorrow!


America’s smallest post office. I pass by this every time I go on US 41 from Naples, Florida to Miami, Florida to visit my parents.

One day I stopped and took some pictures. Unfortunately it wasn’t open that day because it was a weekend but I still got some nice photos.

Considered to be the smallest post office in the United States, this building was formerly an irrigation pipe shed belonging to the J.T. Gaunt Company tomato farm. It was hurriedly pressed into service by postmaster Sidney Brown after a disastrous night fire in 1953 burned Ochopee’s general store and post office. The present structure has been in continuous use ever since-as both a post office and ticket station for Trailways bus lines-and still services residents in a three-county area, including deliveries to Seminole and Miccosukee Indians living in the region. Daily business often includes requests from tourists and stamp collectors the world over for the famed Ochopee post mark. The property was acquired by the Wooten Family in 1992.

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Two things for now..

  1. Mobile Condo’s kitchen progress
  2. Simple and Awesome Kitchen

First check out John and Anne’s progress on their Mobile Condo’s kitchen

That’s the water tank right underneath. Any tips for them?

Right above the water tank they installed two slide out drawers with plastic containers, very smart. If it were mine I’d try to figure out a way to hide the tank a bit. Probably with a wrap around curtain that can be installed underneath the counter top. I’m sure it’s possible just have to pick a nice fabric.

Okay next (below that) I found a kitchen I LOVE… So I had to show you guys. I ran into it while looking for counter top curtains haha…

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I just saw Hillary’s Monday Morning Treehouse post about Patrick Dougherty’s awesome natural structures.

So it led me to posting this video.

Enjoy and if you want to learn and see more you can also check out Patrick’s official website.