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1963 Airstream Tiny House

This is a 1963 Airstream Tiny House.

It’s a 19′ Globetrotter.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

1963 Airstream Tiny House

1963 Airstream Tiny House 001

1963 Airstream Tiny House 002 1963 Airstream Tiny House 003 1963 Airstream Tiny House 004 1963 Airstream Tiny House 005 1963 Airstream Tiny House 006 1963 Airstream Tiny House 007

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Avatar Dawn Meade

    Very nice. I’m drooling. I wish I could buy now. I don’t retire for a year and have no place to store it. 🙁

    • Avatar Alex

      I know it’s so nice and what a good value it seems like!

      • Avatar Noell Cross

        I love this,is it still available?????? I”m in NH.
        Thank you so much.

  • Avatar Paul Fender

    I am interested in the Globe Trotter Air Stream…….please contact me via….e-mail……where is this now located

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey Paul, unfortunately I think it’s already been sold!!

      • Avatar Sondra

        Yeah it has $8k is the cheapest I have ever seen one that wasn’t gutted ha =)

    • Avatar cindy

      It’s a scam!!! No trailer exists. Asks fir gift cards as payment

  • Avatar Rue

    If I only had something that could tow this (and it hadn’t, y’know, already sold!) I’d have sprung for this in a heartbeat. Sounds almost too good to be true….

  • Alex,
    How can I contact the owner of this trailer?

    • Avatar Joe

      Tonita see Alex’s comment to Paul Fender above – sadly it is already sold! Cheers Joe

  • Avatar mark Brown

    That is very nice, but why is it considered a “tiny house” rather than a travel trailer or RV?


  • Avatar Mike Bassett

    Even though it sold, I’m still interested what state this was in. I guess I have to look up the 850 area code. Not many bargains like this one any more. Sounded like they wanted to get rid of it real quick, no hassles.

  • Avatar cindy

    For anyone interested tho is a SCAM Paul does not exist…uses eBay copy for payment scam asks for payment in gift cards DO NOT FALL FOR IT

    • Avatar Alex

      I’ve removed the contact information to prevent anyone else from contacting “Paul”… thanks for the alert and my deepest apologies for this. Sad.

  • Avatar Joann

    This is a hoax. Listed on utrade for 6k….really?

  • Avatar Bobbi Bare

    Cute… Not a Tiny House though…

  • Avatar M

    Contact me – think it’s a scam

  • Avatar Nancy

    Just beautiful. I figured it would go fast. Why did a few of you think it was a scam?

  • Avatar Harold

    Why do you say this is a scam? Too good to be true? I would buy it in a heartbeat, too!! Been looking for something like this for years.

  • Avatar Elise Lazickas

    Where is the location? interested.

  • Avatar ROSEE

    I didn’t know they made Airstream trailers that small. I really like how roomy it’s made inside, especially that size. Good job!

    • Avatar Alex

      I think it’s great too!

    • Avatar LouAnn

      Airstream makes a 16-17 foot trailer called “Bambi”. Well designed, well made but it does carry the usual Airstream high price tag.

  • Good price for all the work done on it. Beautiful job.

  • Avatar A

    If you have been looking at trailers for awhile you would know this one has been listed for months and months, at least. It shows up as $6k or 8k – a pipe dream price you would be lucky to get a broken down model of this era for – let alone one that looks like this. Thirdly, the phone number is always different. Look at that email address, too. It screams fake when you look at that compared to their “names”. The nail in the coffin is that this deal would have been snapped up in under 24 hours if it were real, but instead the trailer has been posted this way – by “Paul” for months. Scam, clearly.

    And Alex, I am sure you get money from these guys, so you don’t want to alienate someone. And I wouldn’t expect you to have the resources to verify each seller is legit, but this one has been around a long time. And once people start saying “scam” and have reasonable explanations for why, you should 1. stop actively encouraging buyers! and 2. try to see if the seller is legit and remove the post, or put up official messaging that it is a scam and remove the contact info. But, yes, at very least stop saying what a great deal it is.

    I cannot imagine all the havoc this “guy” has caused already. It’s sad.

    • Avatar Alex

      Contact info has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I should’ve caught it first but thanks to all of your help we did. And no money was received from them…I list tiny houses etc for free and unfortunately sometimes this happens.

      • Avatar Harold

        Not to worry Alex, the community responded quite quickly, and it was a learning experience! Should everyone be so vigilant! Thanks to the Tiny Home community for all their input. All the best

        • Avatar Alex

          Thanks Harold!

      • Avatar A

        Thank you, Alex! I love reading this website, almost every single day, and I am grateful for all the work you put into it.

        Best regards!

        • Avatar Alex

          Thank you I appreciate that a lot!

    • Avatar Nancy

      Thanks for all the info and no I haven’t been looking so wouldn’t have had a clue it was a scam. So it’s probably a good thing Alex had it posted here with all the “scam” comments, saves the folks viewing it here from possibly get scammed out of money.
      I’m old school and would need to see something like this in person before paying someone any money.

  • Avatar Norman

    Has this sold?

  • Avatar Mary Cottone

    How do we get in touch with the folks who own the 19 foot Airstream?

    • Avatar Alex

      Sorry everyone but we’ve got plenty of reports saying this is a scam so I’ve removed contact information. My apologies.

  • Avatar Weeze

    Man I wish I hadn’t sent this scammer “Paul” my email address as that’s an easy way for scammers to get you to open their fish emails and plant spyware on your computer. Ugh, I should of known that if it sounded to good to be true, then it was.

    • Avatar Alex

      I feel the same way…sounded way too good.

  • Avatar Elle

    Well, what a bummer. It was too good to be true. I was quite interested as were a number of people. Thanks to the commenter who posted the deeper research. He saved me time and effort. Can we EVER escape these criminals who blatantly go after the public trust for profit? Geez.

  • Only thing with these babies, if you have someone other than Airstream modify, or rebuild them they lose their value… Then their worth their weight in scrap…! Or to whom ever wants a semi Airstream, as it will no longer be viewed by the international Airstream Club as an Airstream…. Their great travel trailers and in some cases great full time housing, but suck as a investment…. Because of how they are view by the Airstream Organizations, and their rules of repair and modification it doesn’t take much for them to lose their value…. Or so I have been told by a supposedly Authorized Airstream Representative…! Then again he could be full of, you know what, Lmao….!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Cerri

    Very interested in this beauty! Where is it located, and what is the towing weight (we are limited to less than 5,000 total lbs.)

    Thanks for your response.

  • Avatar Elizabeth Jerore


  • Avatar Sue Mortimer

    Just got a msg from this guy saying the airstream hadn’t sold and were we still interested……glad to learn the truth before it went any further!

  • Avatar Sue

    Can you remove this scam from your website? My sister almost lost alot of money over this scam. This was done thru a fake ebay page. You have a very informative website, please don’t put up with this kind of deception. Concerned Sue

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey Sue, so sorry to hear that. All his contact information has been removed from here and I’m leaving the comments open so there’s a place for us to alert each other about it.

  • Avatar Daniel

    1963 Airstream love it

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