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186 Sq. Ft. Modern South African Tiny House

This 186 sq. ft. modern South African tiny house also has a 96 sq. ft. deck.

The unique part about it is that it’s not designed on wheels therefore it can have a much taller design which gives you the ability to stand up in your sleeping loft. You’ll notice that as soon as you take a look at it.

When you walk inside you can see how tiny yet spacious it is thanks to the high ceilings. Wouldn’t it be great to see more tiny house designs like this? What would you change about this design to make it better for you? Let us know in the comments. Thank you!

186 Sq. Ft. Modern South African Tiny House


Images © Brett Rubin

indawo-lifepod-modern-south-african-tiny-house-02 indawo-lifepod-modern-south-african-tiny-house-03 indawo-lifepod-modern-south-african-tiny-house-04

Images © Brett Rubin


Image © Pod Idladla

Learn more at: http://www.pod-idladla.com/

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  • Avatar Alex

    I love the stand up sleeping loft on this one I just wish it had a staircase with built in storage instead of the ladder (but I’d personally still be okay with it how it is anyway)

  • Avatar Cahow

    Holy Cow! What a fantastic design! Even I, with my crippled up knees could manage to scramble up that ladder, occasionally!

    I followed the link and no additional information is available. I guess if there’s a lounge and loo, it’s not featured.

  • Avatar Elle

    Ahhh, a loft you can stand up in! Love that. I’d love to see more of the interior. This is well built for a hot climate; the light colors, well ventilated, and a deck that extends the living space very nicely.

  • Avatar Ahmed Caraballo

    I like it. I would raise the gable roof to create a bigger feeling in the entrance. Also I would re-position the storage to do away with the overcrowding feeling.

  • Avatar Kelly Meehan

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love the crate storage. I can imagine this in a houseboat community. The outdoor space is amazing. The large, honed boulders give it a sense of permanence.

  • Avatar jill ungar

    it’s gorgeous! where is the refrigerator? I would find a way to put in a bigger sink (and I always want a close to full-size fridge) and rails on the loft ladder. also, how to you get to the upper crates and get things out of them if you are on a ladder? I like them, but the logistics seem potentially problematic. I might put them on sliders and either narrower or wider with an open shelf on the side(s) to put things until you are ready to climb down. also, what does the bathroom look like?

  • Avatar Ilse Cole

    Love it!

  • LOVE IT!!!! Just have to wonder what all is under the loft???? A bathroom and maybe in door living room? ????

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