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This is the Ventana Tiny Home on Wheels by Alpine Tiny Homes.

It’s a 32ft THOW with oversized windows headed to Santa Cruz, California to a family of five!

Step inside to take the grand tour and then let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Thanks!

© Alpine Tiny Homes

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This is April and Curtis’ beautiful 24ft tiny home on wheels built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes. What do you think?

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This is a 450 sq. ft. tiny home on wheels with off-the-grid capabilities.

It was built and designed by Westcoast Outbuildings in North Vancouver, Canada.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Chinook 30′ Tiny House on Wheels by Westcoast Outbuildings

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This is the Eucalyptus Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste Houses. It’s a 285 sq. ft. tiny home (8.5′ x 28′). Take the tour below and let me know what you think!

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This is a 300 sq. ft. mobile surf shack in Santa Barbara, CA. It was designed by Alex Wyndham. Plans available here. What do you think?

Surf Shack Tiny House by Alex Wyndham

Photos via Tiny Living

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This is a tiny house on wheels built with sustainable material by Ty Rodou. The company is located in Landeleau, France and prices range from 27,000-45,000 euros. What do you think of their Pen Sardine THOW below?

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This is a tiny house on wheels call the London. It was built in Landeleau, France by Ty Rodou and featured on Tiny House Town. How do you like it?

The London Tiny House by Ty Rodou

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