The Pod Tiny House
Or should we call them cabins?

I found these tiny houses / cabins to be really cool because I like the style of A frame houses and these resemble them in a much smaller way.

They’re like little huts.  Some of these are probably too small but I can see a 150-250 square foot version being really cool.

I got so excited about this idea that I decided I’d use my “not so good yet” SketchUp skills to try and design something similar.  So here’s my design and below that you’ll find pictures of the “The Pod”.

My Larger Version of the Pod…
I’ll call it the Rounded A Frame Tiny Cabin

The inside is approximately 14′ by 14′ so it’s about 196 square feet of interior space.

rounded a frame tiny cabin design 2   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

rounded a frame tiny house design rear 3   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

There’s no windows on the side so I tried to make up for that with the large window in the rear and two 2’6″ by 2’8″ windows in the front by the door.  I’d also use a door with large windows to keep the light in the place.  In the back the window space is 9′ wide and 4’6″ tall.  Large enough to bring the nature outside “in”.

I’d certainly live in a place like this with a view of the forest, mountains, a lake, the ocean, or a garden.  SketchUp is fun!

The Pod (Inspiration for design)

the pod tiny house   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

Photo Credits: The Pod UK

the pod is like a rounded a frame house   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

the pod tiny cabin   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

the pod camp   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod

See more pictures of this tiny house called The Pod.

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   Rounded A Frame Tiny House Inspired by the Pod


Alex has been living in small spaces for more than 7 years, he's the founding editor of and the always free Tiny House Newsletter, and has passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. Send in your story and tiny home photos so we can share and inspire others towards simplicity too. Thank you!

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  • sesameB

    I had to revist this, I just love these rounded wellings.
    rural Arkansas

  • Kat

    Love this shape. I have something similar in mind for my (eventual) place – but I want it underground – with just the ends showing, and done in cordwood masonry. Then I will add a greenhouse to the kitchen end and a sun-room on the bedroom end. It will not be ‘tiny’ but it is small, and should be super-efficient. To grow your garden on your roof would be fantastic! Great ideas here.

    • Alex

      Thanks Kat your house plans sound great. Tiny is not always the way to go, I just think it’s inspiring to see examples of tiny, even for a big family, just so people can realize what they can do with their current space or how they can reduce. Greenhouse and sun-room sound really cool. Best to you Kat! :)

  • Marty

    I’m brand new to this site and I luv it. Since my daughters in college and out on her own. I’m lookin for something simple yet functional. If anyone has any ideas please leave pots on this site. I will be checking it frequently.



    • Alex

      Thanks Marty and welcome! I’m sure you’ll be able to find lots of ideas that you like just by browsing around here and there. See you around and thanks again for coming by.


  • EG

    Aslo known as a quonset hut. See their history in Wikipedia.

  • Serena Benson

    I just love it all. I’m new here too. Thanks for all the info and time you put into this.


  • LK

    Loved the look, wish they had included more than 2 inside views, with a 3rd one showing one slight view of the inside. It appeared that one had a small restroom. The look is cozy and, for some reason, not claustrophobic for me. I would prefer it to a tent, since I haven’t put up one in years. I would definitely prefer the pod to a hotel or motel room, even if nature were all around me outside the motel or hotel..


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