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High Schooler’s Tiny House Shell for Sale, FL

This is a High Schooler’s Tiny House Shell for Sale in Winter Springs, FL.

Jacob built the amazing house for his senior project in high school, with hopes of taking it with him to college. Unfortunately, he can’t bring it along and would like to recoup some of the money he put into his home. It comes with boxed wood flooring, a detached porch and even some fun gingerbread Christmas decor.

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High Schooler’s Tiny House Shell for Sale

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From Jacob:

This is a brand new, one of a kind, tiny house shell. I built this as a Capstone Senior Project for Oviedo High School in hopes of bringing it to college but I was unable to do so.

This tiny house is 14ft long, 8ft wide, and just about 13ft tall. These dimensions are just under street legal limits so it is ready to hit the open road to travel wherever you go! The inside is bare framed walls with huge vaulted ceilings with a loft over the front half. It was designed to have a bathroom under the loft and a kitchen and living space in the main open area. With that being said, it is still a shell so you can design the inside to fit your personal needs! There are 14 windows throughout the house with 6 in the loft area and 8 on the first floor including a heavy-duty exterior door with blinds inside.

The exterior is blue cedar siding sealed with caulk with a custom metal roof. The structure sits on a heavy duty dual-axel trailer with electric brakes. The trailer has new tires and ball bearings. This tiny house has traveled around the Oviedo/Winter Springs area to be be shown at various farmers markets and events.

All of the construction of this tiny house was done by me when I was a senior in high school and has been verified by my expert mentor for quality. Tiny houses have very few restrictions because they are not technically a travel trailer and not a house so they can be parked almost anywhere.

Most tiny houses run off of propane and electricity just like and RV. In my estimations it should take less than $5,000 to complete the interior with a state of the art bathroom and kitchen, as well as a loft sleeping area and living space. This house comes with boxes of wood flooring, a detached front porch, and Christmas decorations. The home is currently displayed as a gingerbread house and all of the pieces on it are easily detachable and go with the house. Asking $20,000, price negotiable.


Our big thanks to Jacob for sharing!

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She is a coffee-loving wannabe homesteader who dreams of becoming self-sufficient in her own tiny home someday. Natalie currently resides in a tiny apartment with her husband, Casey, in Massachusetts.

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