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Zen Tiny House In France Hugged by Mature Trees

This is a modern and rustic tiny house in France surrounded by farmlands and mature trees near Bergerac.

It features one double bed sleeping loft and one double sofa bed, a private bathroom with a shower and composting toilet, and a complete kitchen. How do you like it? I always enjoy seeing foreign tiny homes for some reason. Do you?

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Beautiful And Zen Tiny House in France

Charming Tiny House in France near Bergerac

Images via Glamping Hub

The tiny house looks so cozy with the trees surrounding it, doesn’t it?

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Having your tiny house around trees like this helps keep your tiny house shaded inside and outside. It would be pretty cool to build a deck out here, wouldn’t it?

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Let’s go inside… Here’s the couch which is a pull-out bed as well.

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Hey! Looks like they moved the couch out on us in this shot (below)… But anyway, here’s the kitchen and slightly elevated bar.

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

From the other side… 🙂

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Up in the loft…

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Here’s what the downstairs bed looks like when it’s all set up…

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Bathroom sink…

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Composting toilet and shower.

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

What do you think? Is it tiny house paradise or would this design not work for you?

Modern And Rustic Tiny House in France

Images via Glamping Hub

Seems like this would be a pretty cool place to stay! You could experience living in a tiny house while also enjoying the relaxation of being in nature surrounded by mature trees. Sounds peaceful.

But aside from that, design-wise, what do you think of this tiny house on wheels? Do you like it? Why or why not?

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