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Tiny Houses with a Traditional Twist: Wooly Wagons

Guest Post by the Wooly Wagons Team

Here is a concept drawing of the Wooly Wagon currently being built in our shop. Most of our work is custom designed, taking in the desires and needs of our clients. After an in-depth interview with our customer, in which we cover such things as purpose, materials and unique design features, Steve goes to work designing on the computer. This gives our client the opportunity to visualize the look of their finished product. Steve is an excellent communicator, asking questions and making suggestions until the final design fits not only our customer’s purposes but their personality as well. Also an accomplished painter, Steve brings his sense of artistry to all of our projects. Every one of our wagons is a work of art, beautiful as well as functional.

This project will be a rolling residence for famed poet and artist Kit Muldoon who intends to travel through the glorious countryside of the Western Rocky Mountains in Colorado, painting and writing in her portable studio. It can be towed with a vehicle, or as Kit tells us, will be eventually pulled by a horse or mule. Our uniquely designed cupola will provide plenty of natural light, illuminating the woodsy murals she plans to paint on the interior giving her the feeling of being connected to the outdoors, even when she’s inside.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (1)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (2)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

The special framing is made from commercial grade aluminum skinned in a lightweight species of wood, either cypress or cedar, and pine, fully insulated with a 12 volt DC solar charged battery and an AC/DC converter allowing flexibility in her power system. Kit is staying here in our tiny house Trapper’s Cabin above the pond at the ranch while we build her personalized Wooly Wagon. It is exciting to see her enthusiasm and anticipation as we go through each phase of construction.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (3)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

I am pleased to announce that Kit will be joining our team here at http://www.woolywagons.com


Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (4)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

Wherever her travels take her, she will be available to answer design questions for our Wooly Wagon customers. She will be delighted to tell you of her experiences with our company. This project has been a dream of hers for many years- we can make your dream come true, too. Kit will be in direct contact with the build shop in Indiana and the rest of our team is always available.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (5)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

Steve Auth is the founder, designer and builder of Wooly Wagons, his wife Marilyn is the coordinator and Jill-of-all-trades, and Jim Young is our lead carpenter. Every member of our team is personable and friendly, dedicated first and foremost to our customer’s satisfaction.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (6)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

We feel that Kit will be an important asset to our team, handling preliminary inquiries pertaining to our Wooly Wagons, allowing Steve more time to devote to his passion- hands on work in the shop. We feel that this arrangement will best serve our customers- always our primary goal.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (7)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

Once your commitment to a build is finalized Steve will of course be available to address any and all of your concerns as well as being able to provide updates on the progress of your project.

Wooly Wagon Tiny Homes (8)

Photo Credit Wooly Wagons

Contact Kit at [email protected] or visit our website at WoolyWagons.com.

Whether you are contemplating a portable studio like Kit’s, a self-contained get away for your vacation property or rustic guest quarters for your home, our team can provide you with a Wooly Wagon custom designed with you in mind.

Thank you and God Bless,

Steve Auth

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  • Avatar Sandra
    November 10, 2012, 11:08 am

    This is very cool. Love the old fashioned wheel configuration too. So rustic looking.

  • Avatar Allison Shaw
    December 27, 2012, 10:21 am

    Kit Muldoon’s wooly-house is absolutely beautiful! I’m familiar with the basic design of the Gypsy caravan and enjoy the intricate decoration. Goodjob Steve!

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