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Woman’s Home-Built Van Conversion

This is a retired woman’s home-built van conversion.

Sassy turned her van into a cozy tiny motorhome to travel in.

In this video, she shares how she did it and how you might be able to do it too.

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Woman’s Home-Built Van Conversion


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  • Avatar Steve in Palm Bay

    My ball cap is off to Sassy! She has really done a great job with her van project. As she reiterates over and over….very doable! I like that she has thought out scenarios of what to do in an emergency: whether mechanical, or even her own self-defense. A wise woman indeed!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks, Steve, I totally agree. It’s a great video for one to watch especially if you’re thinking of doing what she’s doing. Very practical, useful, common sense advice that everyone could use.

  • Great job! After watching the video, I found myself searching for hi-top vans on craigslist so I can do it too. Didn’t find one but I’ll keep looking. I got some great ideas from Sassy.

  • Avatar Jeanette

    Sassy I like your ideas about where to go in life and how to get there, with intention.

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