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Topanga Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement

This is the Topanga Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement. It’s their latest tiny house built on a 30′ x 8.5′ Iron Eagle Trailer and it’s ready for its new owner.

This one was a bit different aesthetically than our typical and was fun to play with some cedar and darker tones.

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The Topanga Tiny House on Wheels by Handcrafted Movement (Sold…)

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  • Avatar Dawn

    Really hard pictures to tell what is exactly going on.

  • Avatar PMHTX

    I agree with Dawn, it is difficult to get a real sense of the space from the photo but it looks pretty. Also, I know that everything is more expensive in California but I can’t believe this THOW is worth 77K. 😲

    • Avatar James D.

      Anything custom built to high quality can actually go much higher in price. The average cost per linear foot for a commercially built THOW ranges from $2000 for a budget built to $3000 for high end, and this is a 30′. So falls in the middle of that range…

      May seem high but anything in the RV market with similar insulation ratings and attention to details will easily go over $100K…

      There are cheaper options, but also trade offs for what you get for the price. Generally, custom is never going to be the cheapest option. So that’s one of the things to avoid to get a lower price point… THOWs can also go a lot smaller to more easily reach lower prices. Many low cost THOWs will be shorter than 16′, with a few exceptions. While high cost THOWs will generally be longer than 28’… and some will even exceed 40′ and go wider and can even exceed 400 Sq Ft…

      Material selection also matters as some things can cost up to multiples times what other materials cost but choices can effect things like the performance of the home, how healthy it is to live in, its appearance, etc.

      While DIY will of course avoid paying other people to get the job done. So will often be cheaper than going to a commercial builder, with rare exceptions… But mass production is the cheapest possible option, with the economy of scale allowing up to a fraction of the normal price compared to making them one at a time…

  • Avatar Wilson Sharn

    The outside is beautiful. I do not love the layout inside.

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