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Tiny House on Wheels Concept for Mobile Retail Store!

This is interesting! It’s is a tiny house on wheels built-out as a modern mobile retail store.

It’s being used for a men’s clothing brand, but they no longer need it so it’s listed for sale out of Bend, Oregon for $70,000 or best offer. What do you think of this concept?

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Mobile Retail Store Tiny House on Wheels, For Sale in Bend, Oregon

This is what it looks like as a men’s clothing store.

You could, of course, turn it into any kind of store. I wonder what kind of store you would open…

The shelves and lighting are just right, aren’t they?

This would be so cool to take to a farmer’s market to show off your wares.

This retro van seems like a fun way to tow it, too. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s included as part of the deal.


  • Built in 2019
  • 160-sq.-ft.
  • $70,000 OBO
  • Mobile office or retail shop
  • Can also be used as a tiny house shell to build your own design inside
  • Like-new condition
  • Fully insulated
  • Designed and built by professional crew
  • Natural light
  • Overhead lighting
  • Two large 6×6 windows
  • Three skylights
  • Buyer responsible for shipping and logistics
  • Learn more (see more pictures and get more information here)

Learn more

Discussion: What kind of store would you run out of this tiny house retail shop?

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  • Marsha Cowan
    December 8, 2020, 11:56 am

    Just a few questions, like length of actual store (without the extended roof), ceiling height, materials used inside (mostly metal wall covering?), axle weight (each axle), weight of the trailer, etc.. Can the equipment inside be sold separately by the owner so that the price of the trailer can come down because that stuff is very expensive, or will the new owner be responsible for selling it? It is pretty and would be either a great shop or great tiny home, but without plumbing, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, loft, and other amenities usually found with that price, the price is way too high, so I am assuming the custom retail equipment is partly the reason.

    • James D.
      December 8, 2020, 5:18 pm

      Here’s some details they list on the listing page…


      “20’x90” Tiny House Trailer. 5200 lb axles equipped with electric brakes, 2k Jack, Breakaway Kit, 7-way connector. Upgraded width and Trailer Axle Load.

      Proven Industries 2516 Hitch Lock

      12 ton Jack Stands

      Halo 5 and 6 White LEDs (Quantity 8)

      Large ABCO open 6’x6’ double-paned windows (Quantity 2)

      Large ABCO open 4’x4’ double-paned sky roof windows (Quantity 2)

      Large ABCO open 4’x2’ double-paned sky roof window (Quantity 1)

      Pioneer 12,000 Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

      Premium GRANDE SELECT 90MM 45° CHEVRON European Oak Flooring

      Matte Black Standing Seam Metal Siding and Roofing

      Custom metal shelving for overhead storage and custom wooden bench and shelving.

      The trailer also has a custom-built kiosk for POS iPad / register or could be used for a desk.

      Features Include: Stairs, and Skylights”

      They also state it’s well insulated, has handled “hot summer weather and blizzard conditions” in Oregon.

      Features like those large double paned windows and skylights would definitely cost a lot more than your typical single pane tempered glass windows. Something to realize is just windows can run up into the thousands, each, when you go large, custom, have any significant insulation value with gas filled double to triple panes, and have added features like UV filters, etc. These probably don’t go quite that high but altogether they probably add together to a few thousand…

      That many skylights also makes the roofing more complex and labor intensive, mind they need to ensure it’s all weather proof and won’t leak and that many holes in the roof all needs re-enforcing… Interior finishing and features aren’t always the highest price tag items on a given build…

      That said, price is a little high but also negotiable, though, as it states OBO (Or Best Offer)…

  • jerry dycus
    December 9, 2020, 9:05 am

    8′ wide is a poor width as constrains design badly for living in. 10′ wide and open plan is far better use of space.
    But in this case with all wall gives a 2′ deep display on each side with just enough, 3.5′ isle space is an excellent use of space.
    With a door at each end, in 1 side and out the other keeps them covid safe with no passing.
    Though when I first read the title I thought it would be a split office/etc and living area. Maybe fold out beds, etc for overnight.

  • Alison
    December 9, 2020, 9:33 pm

    You can’t really use it as a retail store without wheelchair access, can you?

    • James D.
      December 9, 2020, 11:23 pm

      Regulations aren’t the same for mobile stores. They can differ from one location to the next, assuming they have any governing mobile vending. So some research will be required depending where you place it or plan to take it for permits, licenses, and other possible requirements…

      A portable ramp is a simple solution, though, for access that can you can modify the stairs as needed… While another alternative is just to have a salesperson available to take the merchandise out to the customer outside if they want to take a closer look, as the picture windows can be used to showcase the entire inventory and can then just simply assist the customer…

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