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Tiny House on a Truck in Bozeman, Montana

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This tiny house on a truck for sale is built on the back of a 1991 F-250 7.3L diesel truck with a custom flatbed frame for $4200. If you’re looking to explore the world in a custom built motorhome, this might be the right one for you.

It’s fully insulated, has a Tiny Tot wood stove, and is partially set up to run on vegetable oil. The truck just needs a little more work to be completely finished but so far inside you’ll find a cooking area, custom furniture, LED lighting, speakers, and more (see below).

Tiny House on a Truck in Bozeman, Montana


Images © Duncan McGovern

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Images © Duncan McGovern

Hey Alex,
I stumbled across your website the other day, and figured I’d send in a tiny house that I built and have listed for sale. If you guys dig it and want to feature it on the website, that’d be sweet!


I had this listed in the spring for a little while, thought better of it, put a bunch more work into it but just moved and it’s time to part ways for real this time.

This tiny house on wheels is a very unique vehicle/living space! Built on the back of a 1991 F-250 7.3l diesel truck on a custom flatbed frame, it is a cozy base for exploring the world. It is fully insulated with a Tiny Tot wood stove and partially set up for running SVO (veggie oil), “Horace T. Bogwater” just needs a little bit of interior finishing off (cabinets and some trim) to rock and roll. No bathroom (more space to hang out), but finished cedar cooking area, LED lighting, speakers that just need hanging, ect. It’s been happily lived in for months on end, and could be a great small dwelling area as long as the occupant had external access to a water supply.

This truck has been driven up to the top of the Beartooth pass full of skiers and towing a snowmobile. It’s not the fastest rig on the road, but it’s got plenty of power and a block heater to warm the engine up on cold days (these older IDI’s are known for rough cold starting).

-Pretty much set to go, it could use a little more trim and storage inside, but this would be up to however the new owner would want to utilize the space.
-No toilet, but a self-contained unit could be added pretty easily
-I have the high-temp boot for the stovepipe, it just needs to be installed to get the stove up and running
-Spare marine battery included that the lights are wired into, I also have speakers and a head unit that need to be hooked up for audio
-Tires are newer and in excellent shape
-The truck is equipped with a twin tank system, the larger of which has a coolant-heated pickup, filter, and inline electric heating element. I also have a new lift pump, two solenoid valves, and heat exchanger to do a fully winterized SVO system. The work could be done by a mechanic or someone who is inclined to work on engines- the IDI is a very simple, mechanical engine that is ideal for alternative fuels and home mechanics.

Overview: You could move into this truck tomorrow, and with a little work get it all polished off. I’ve lived in it and traveled in it but ultimately it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle and free time. I hope someone else can give this thing the adventures it deserves. I am looking to find a new home for this truck before winter. I would much prefer a straight sale but could be open to a trade or partial trade if you have something I’m interested in. Just get in touch!

Source: http://bozeman.craigslist.org/rvs/4686518922.html

Our big thanks to Duncan McGovern for sharing this tiny house on a truck for sale with us!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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