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Tiny House Libraries Are Real in Wisconsin

These tiny house libraries aren’t exactly the kind you’d be able to walk into.

But they’re all unique and serve a great purpose because they promote learning and literacy.

They improve communities by providing free book exchanges for people.

The mission is to supply more than 2,510 libraries all around the world.

That’s more than Andrew Carnegie!

They can also be used to raise money for clubs, scout troops, churches, high school organizations or other community groups.

Todd Bol and Josie Pradella are the founders.

Here’s how you can get involved.

Sponsor a library or build your own

Free Tiny House Library

There are hobbyists and woodworkers who volunteer and build these.

You can become a member of Little Free Library and you’d be supporting a bunch of great causes, like:

  • Funding for books and libraries around the world
  • Helping children and adults with literacy
  • Improving communities

Plans, Ideas and Instructions

Free Tiny House Library

After you put up your library LFL will mount a numbered and authorized plaque to recognize the builder, sponsors and the steward for the library.

What do you think about setting one up with books on simple living and tiny houses? I think that would be AWESOME because…

  • They go hand in hand
  • It’s a cool way for people to discover simple living (and tiny houses)
  • It promotes literacy and smarter, more environmentally aware lifestyles

Buying One

Little Free Library

Yes, you can just purchase an already made Little Free Library for your family or neighborhood.

You can also honor an organization or special person with it.

Making a Difference

Free Tiny House Library

Video Version

Length: 4:24

The proceeds raised support reading for children, literacy for adults and libraries all around the world.

[+] Click here to visit Little Free Library so you can learn more about these free tiny house libraries.

Photo Credits: Little Free Library

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  • August 8, 2011, 9:11 am

    GREAT story/post- I’ll repost on this soon and link you up. Love this- might have to build one!

  • August 8, 2011, 11:16 am

    Yeah man, thanks! I think it’s awesome. Hope you do build one!

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