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Tiny House Family Packing for 10-Day Trip

Ever wonder what it’s REALLY like living as a family in a tiny house?

This tiny house family of 4 is packing for a 10-day trip and this is what the inside of their THOW looks like in preparation for it.

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Tiny House Family Packing for 10-Day Trip

Tiny House Family Problems 001

Tiny House Family Problems 002

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  • Avatar two crows

    It’s great seeing how folks really live in a couple hundred square feet. Thanks for this. I’m guessing they took virtually all the clothes they own?

  • Avatar Not Mad Nomad

    Sorry, but this just does not add any sparks to my viewing pleasure, especially when I come to Tiny House Talk to see tiny houses! Maybe it is just me, but what exactly is the point of this exercise? I live in a house with 850 square feet, do you want photographic evidence of how I prepare for a 10 day trip?
    Where are all the other regular commenters?

  • Avatar Eric

    Ha ha, my wife would take that and more just for a day trip. And, unfortunately, I ain’t kiddin’

    I personally believe that she is trying to upstage (?) the Kartrashians.

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