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Tiny House e-Card: Home is Where the Anchor Drops

This is a Tiny House e-Card!

“Home is where the anchor drops.”

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Tiny House e-Card: Home is Where the Anchor Drops

Boat Home - Home is where the anchor drops inspirational quote, with tiny house in a sailing boat at

Image Β© LanaN

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  • Avatar Cahow

    Cute, especially if you own a houseboat. πŸ˜€

  • Avatar Karen R

    So apt, and cute. Sub in an RV and change to, “where the steps are set.”

  • Avatar alice h

    (With a particular incident in mind) “Home is where the trailer stops rolling”.

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    Love it. They did a really good job with the house and under the sea. This is a keeper.

  • Avatar jerryd

    This card is offensive in so many ways to anyone living on
    the water.
    One doesn’t anchor in coral fan, reefs areas except very carefully.
    And rarely do houseboats do salt or open water, certainly not this one.
    Everything is just wrong from the TH, the boat, it’s anchor could easily lead to disaster, tearing up the seabed, coral reef, etc to capsize.
    I see nothing cute about it, just ignorance.

    • Avatar Cahow

      Ooooooohhhh….someone overdosed on their “Serious Pill” medication!

      Yes, this card should be BANNED!!! The house portion is obviously TOO TALL and not only will tip over into the virtual reef but it’s also impeding the fly-way of the gulls, thereby becoming a killing machine for all things air borne!

      And I’m sure that the paint on this house is LEAD-BASED and other code violations, too!

      And all Disney cartoon animals should be brought up on Indecency Charges, too, who aren’t sufficiently clad in clothing. Except Mickey, who is High-Stylin’ with his white gloves, yellow shoes and red shorts. πŸ˜‰ (hi, LC!)

      • Avatar LC

        Hi, Cahow! Uh oh, I think you and I may have OD’d on our Sarcastic Pills. πŸ™‚

  • Avatar LC

    Nor do mice wear white gloves, yellow shoes, red shorts and dance to Disney melodies…… Hmpff!

  • Avatar Elle

    … Or home is where the porch is lowered … I lived on a boat and this doesn’t offend me in the least. I doubt that anyone who knows what they’re doing would voluntarily drop anchor anywhere near a reef. Hurt the reef? The reef would eat the vessel alive. This is a cute and whimsical e-card that simply portrays the spirit of simple living.

  • Avatar Joyce

    Where is one’s sense of humor? Thinking a person would actually anchor that tiny house in that way. Neat card! I like it.

  • Avatar Meghan

    I absolutely love this print of “Home is where the anchor drops”. Where can I get a print made up to frame??


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