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Simple Living in a Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Now here’s a tiny cabin I think will resonate with you if you’re also into simple living.

Sure, this may be too extreme for most of us, including myself because I really am a big people and family person.

But it’s something I’d still like to do as an experience once or twice a year.

It seems like that if you were here, you can really escape it all. I’d turn my phone off and just enjoy spending time with myself here.

And if you have a spouse or significant other it can be a great time to reconnect with each other on a deeper level.


Either way I think it would make for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for most of us. I’ll bet you it wouldn’t cost very much to set up a simple vacation cabin like this one. Please, let me give you the rest of the tour below:

Outhouse with Gravity Shower


Looks like a happy place, doesn’t it!

Outside the Milanville Tiny Cabin


The owners are Bryan Purcell and Lauren Manoogain who reside in Pennsylvania. There’s an interview with them you can read here along with more photos of their home and studio.

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  • Avatar alice h

    Rustic cabin life used to be the norm among the people I hung out with back in my Yukon days. Some still live in slightly upgraded versions, some have moved on to other lives. As long as you can lift and tote and walk and bend it’s a good life but once your body starts giving you trouble it sure complicates things. “It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken.” – John Buchan

  • Avatar Rebecca

    Is he living here with his daughter?

  • Avatar Cahow

    Oh, my. ~gulp~

    What to say that’s polite? Um….I remember seeing places like this in Oregon during the Summer of Love? That’s all I can come up with, sorry. 🙁

    P.S. That photo of the man on his crapper shouldn’t be used on anyone’s sales brochure advertizing, “Want to Know MORE About Tiny House Living?”

  • Avatar Joe3

    I need to find a good woman who would live that lifestyle ….
    or maybe even a bad one would do?

    • Avatar Cahow

      Well, Joe3…you’ve heard the phrase “Birds of a feather…”, right?

      Contact Bryan Purcell and Lauren Manoogain; I’m sure they know a bushel & a peck’s worth of both “good” & “women” they could introduce you to. 😉

      • Avatar Joe3

        Thanks Cahow, that’s a good idea, I tend to be reclusive — living in the woods appeals to the inner me. Quiet, solitude, ahh yes …

        • Avatar Cahow

          Well, there you go, Joe3. And glad you could understand what I meant, since the I left out the modifier word, “BAD”, in regards to one of your choices of women. 😉

    • Avatar Loraine

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, except I would have to have an internet connection. Other than that having an off-grid house and growing my own food sounds like bliss.

  • Avatar Martha

    I didn’t see enough of the inside to determine if I liked it or not.

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