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The Solo 40 Modern Tiny Home

This is the Solo 40 Modern Tiny House!

It’s designed by Atlius Architecture Inc.

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The Solo 40 Modern Tiny Home

Images © Greg Van Riel via Atlius

Images © Greg Van Riel via Atlius

The Solo 40 represents the fifth generation of the Solo model from Altius Prefab.  Altius has put all our expertise to work in creating what we think is simply one of the best modular prefab homes on the market today.  Available to ship from either our Ontario or California production facilities the Solo 40 can be custom configured to your property and individual needs complete from $195/sq.ft.


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{ 14 comments… add one }

    Awesome tiny house…! I love it’s layout…..

  • Avatar Daniel Newhousr

    This is awesome, how much?

  • Avatar alice h

    Interesting but I just can’t shake a feeling of uneasiness with butterfly roofs.

    • Avatar Eric

      Agree… one wants the water to shed off the roof, not to run down to a valley where it could (I stress “could”) create a leak into the house if there is the slightest weakness in the waterproofing.

  • Avatar Kim Pratt

    I love the modern look, and the windows, patio doors, it would also be great by a lake, or on a coastal beach. It would make a nice starter/retirement home for a single person or a couple. I love that every room is on the same level, no lofts, latters or stairs to climb.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Yes I could certainly see this on a lake. Perfection!

  • Avatar louise gray

    It is simple, airy, and modern. I love the windows which allow the light and outdoors to come inside. I agree with the other comment about the house being on one level as a plus.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Absolutely! It’s a great touch 🙂

  • This is mine!

  • Avatar Chuck

    I WANT one on a lot over looking Joshua Tree National Park!
    I would change nothing about this house.

  • Avatar Rusty Kerr

    I like the layout, one level is great. For me, too many large windows otherwise very nice.

  • Avatar Phatkhat

    Reminds me of the Clayton i-House, a concept house of which few were built, back around 7 or 8 years ago. It was awesome, but way too expensive, as is this one. Love the roof, all of it. Went to their website and was pretty blown away. I think the “Cali” models are great – these guys obviously have a love affair with old 50s/60s extreme styled mobile homes!

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