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The Kidd Tiny Texas House

This is the Kidd Tiny Texas House.

It’s a 63 square feet organic cottage by Tiny Texas Houses and now you can book a stay in it using Airbnb.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The Kidd Tiny Texas House

The Kidd Tiny Texas House 001

The Kidd Tiny Texas House 002 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 003 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 004 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 005 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 006 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 007 The Kidd Tiny Texas House 008


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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Avatar Trish Dee

    For 63 square feet, this is an amazing tiny house. The use of salvaged materials: the wood, windows, and creative shower do the builder proud. I’m impressed.

  • Avatar Silver Gypsy

    A lot of people must like this “shabby chic” look because I see it everywhere from TX to NZ. But not me.

    If I booked into this place, I’d bring plenty of rolls of wallpaper and 100 gallons of low-VOC paint and leave the place better than when I arrived!

    • Avatar Eric

      Ha ha, I agree with your sentiments. To me it is just shabby and definitely not chic. Fortunately it hasn’t really taken off in NZ. Maybe we’ve just got a different sort of aesthetic taste down this part of the globe.

      • Avatar Silver Gypsy

        Well, hang onto your aesthetics, down-under, and hold the line! We have enough insanity going on in the world today without this, too!

        • Avatar Jamie

          shabby chic can look really good, but as my dance teacher says less is more, this is all shabby and no chic! That said this building is amazing and well built and ready for a full restoration of its timbers to their former beauty?

        • Avatar Silver Gypsy

          I agree with you, Jamie. If all the wood (inside and out) was sanded down and given a nice finish, this would be a really cute little place. As is, it looks run down and neglected. I find this “look” depressing.

  • Avatar Debra Johnson

    I’m with you Silver Gypsy, I am not really into that much Shabby Chic, lol. It is fine for some people, but I want something that looks inviting, but to each his own. I have seen the man that built this tiny house, and he has a lot more of them. It is amazing what he does with the used materials. I love his ideas. He has I think, like 40 acres, and he is trying to have a tiny community. I think! He is very talented, I do know that much. He has been on HGTV I believe. Not really sure, but I remember this particular house, because he was entertaining a female friend with dinner.

  • Avatar jaykay

    I love it!!!!!! So creative!

  • Avatar jm

    Yeah I like it–quite a bit. The “distressing” is overdone in some spots. There is a real art to that. But it reminds me of finding an old miner’s shack in an abandoned town. And THAT brings to mind many things…

  • Kinda on the rough side, wouldn’t you say….?

  • Avatar Maria

    Where is the bathroom? All they show is a shower. So where is it located?

  • Avatar Pam

    Uh, no! Not for me at all.

    • Hay..! To each their own…! I don’t mind it , just don’t have any reason to move to Texas, nore do I want to….

  • Avatar LC

    Looks like a run down shack to me.

  • Avatar Killjoy

    Organic? Some that recycled wood is bound to be coated in lead paint.

  • Avatar Tezzz

    Looks unclean!
    Not appealing to me. Too raw and distressed.

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    It looks trashy. I would be afraid of getting splinters in my hands. If shack chic is your thing, go for it.

  • Avatar Michael McConnell

    This is exactly what I want. I love the 2 stories and the rustic look. A.) I wish it were for sale. B.) I wish I could afford it.

  • Avatar Darlene

    I like it … but Oh My Goodness that ladder/stairway is STEEP.. pretty sure I’d fall down them on a sleepy midnight trip to the loo.
    Personally, I cringe at the loft/ladder ideas, even when I love the shabby chic of this guys designs. I could live here but I would put a bed on the ground floor.

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