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The Homestead Tiny Cabin

This is The Homestead Tiny Cabin #20. It’s a part of a group of vacation cabins at Getaway Cabins in Hocking Hills, Ohio. One of the best parts is when you walk inside, it feels huge because of the ultra-high ceilings.

They have many cabins, and this is only one of them. It features a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft with room to stand. There’s also a private outdoor area with a hot tub! Very nice. What do you think? Wouldn’t this be a great way to live simply? In a cabin like this?

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The Homestead Tiny Cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio

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  • Avatar Marcia

    I could probably live in that full-time! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the staircase! That sofa is exactly what I am looking for to put in my LR. Where did you find it? 😀

  • Avatar Cyn

    Love this cabin. Would be just perfect for me & my kitty. Enough room for guests also. LOVE IT!

  • Avatar Maggie

    I LOVE IT! Could have a regular double sink though…rectangular…for ease of washing pots.

  • Avatar Dody

    Totally in love with this cabin…..but, where are the closets?

  • Avatar Sherry McLaughlin

    Wow, talk about a dream home, this is it for me…..a few minor changes and I am set…..just put in a built in fireplace with a TV above and bookcases on each side then I am a happy lady ….my dog and I would be in heaven!

  • Avatar Nanny M

    Just about perfect!

  • Avatar Sheila Plourde

    I really like this. Is nice and has room to do more. Beautiful.

  • Avatar Darleen Somley

    Is there a set of plans available for the tiny house or a link to the builder?

  • Avatar Cathy A Oehler

    Love it. It is just what I’ve had in mind.

  • Avatar Christy Allen

    I love the fact you can stand in the loft area….finally

  • Avatar Deanna

    Would love to purchase these plans!

  • Avatar James Cook

    Love this cabin. Is it a custom cabin or built by a company that builds cabins?

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