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Brattleboro Tiny House Fest grows into big ideas

Brattleboro, Vermont — Tiny House Fest Vermont (THFV) began with 5,000 attendees in 2016. As the festival grows, so does its engagement with not-so-tiny ideas. On Saturday, June 23, in downtown Brattleboro, up to 30 houses will be on view, and over 35 presenters will celebrate design while asking how the tiny house movement can change communities for the better.

TH Village

View of the Pop up Tiny House Village in downtown Brattleboro. While Hurricane Harvey passed through the area, the number of houses and attendees who came to tour tiny houses and see presenters increased over the year prior. Credit: Liz Lavorgna, Core Photography

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This one of a kind tiny house was built by Yestermorrow Design/Build School students in Vermont.

It was built during the Fall/Winter 2013 Semester and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

This tiny cabin is unique for many reasons. For one, it’s not permanently attached to a trailer so it’s built wider than most tiny homes.

It also has a wedged-in front door and an oversized back door. You just have to see it to understand (below). Please enjoy and re-share.

The Bennington Tiny House by Yestermorrow Students


Images © Yestermorrow Semester 13

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I’m excited to share one of Deek’s latest tiny house videos with you… It’s a 227 sq. ft. modern industrial tiny home on wheels.

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen is author of Humble Homes Simple Shacks, HGTV/DIY Network host/designer, and creator of RelaxShacks.com.

This micro house on wheels was designed and built by Yestermorrow Design School students in Waitsfield, Vermont.

It features a full kitchen, bathroom with composting toilet, and lots of storage throughout.

Yestermorrow actually created a documentary you can watch right here based on the students who built this house from design to completion.


Image: Yestermorrow

Watch the video below so you can go inside the 227 house w/ Deek:

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I still can’t get over the incredible time I had with all of the amazing people I got to meet in Vermont this weekend.

I’ll be sharing more photos and videos soon but I wanted to talk about this article and the video you can watch below that was featured on the New England Cable News.

It features the tiny house built by Yale student Elizabeth Turnbull Henry that I had the pleasure of touring on my visit to the Tiny House Fair at Yestermorrow where I got to speak this weekend.

Kate Stevenson, the executive director of Yestermorrow, explains in the video below how more and more people are interested in living mortgage-free.

Then below that video, I actually had the chance to get Kate to tell us more about the house while giving you a tour of the house in its most recent condition.


Photos by Alex Pino

Come inside to see the video below:
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Just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way to the Vermont for the Yestermorrow tiny house fair this morning.

I’m so excited to get to hang out with 30+ other tiny house enthusiasts along with the likes of Dee WilliamsJay ShaferDerek DiedricksenBrian LevyLee PeraAbel Zyl ZimmermanPeter KingDan LoucheMariah Coz, Tammy Strobel, Logan SmithAbe Noe-HaysGwendolyn Hallsmith, Lina Menard, Sam Harrington, and more. I’m so excited!

For complete list of speakers and topics they’re covering at this event click here.

I’ll do my best to update the blog and our Facebook while I’m there and Yestermorrow will be doing the same thing here.


Photo Credit Four Lights Tiny Houses

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Here’s a tiny house I hadn’t seen before that I get to show you thanks to SpacesTV and my friend Ali.

And it’s got a one of a kind way of generating free heat which I’ll show you below.

It was designed and built by Yestermorrow Design Build School students.

Yestermorrow Tiny House

It was built in Vermont where Yestermorrow is located and the home is now in Massachusetts.

If you’re wondering, this is the same place where we’re having a Tiny House Fair this summer.


Don’t miss the video tour below, too (along with the rest of the pictures):

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While on YouTube the other day I ran into Yestermorrow’s tiny house 227 documentary thanks to Eric who commented and informed me about it.

Quite a while back, I put a post together on this sustainable building school. You can get all of the details on how to get involved there.

This is part of Yestermorrow’s semester in sustainable design and building course. The school teachers over 150 hands on workshops every year.

They cover design, construction, woodworking, and concentrations in sustainability. This particular project consists of a 227 square foot house on a trailer.

In the film, one of the student builders, Ben Berton says, “I think tiny houses are relevant, especially for the younger generation because, I feel like the younger generation tends to be more of a transient generation. And if you have a tiny house, especially if it’s on a trailer, your house can move with you.”

Yestermorrow's Tiny House 227 Documentary on Small Sustainable Homes

Photo Courtesy of Yestermorrow on YouTube

Jose Galarza, the Directory of this semester program, says, “This kind of education would be really great if it happened in the college atmosphere.”

That’s something I’d really love to see, and I’m sure you agree with that statement as well. Teaching students not only to live more consciously but to show them how to design and build, too.

I encourage you to watch the video yourself, share it if you like it, and talk about it in the comments: [continue reading…]


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