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When it comes to architecture, there’s just something magical about a round-ish structure. In the case of this octagonal yurt-style home, the cathedral ceilings and circular floor have amazing acoustics, this Airbnb host calls it a “sound healing temple.”

And the temple lacks nothing! There’s a full bathroom, a full kitchen, multiple futon beds to sleep on, and a wood-burning stove. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the fire-pit outdoors. Plus the musical instruments inside the yurt give you a chance to enjoy sound healing during your stay. What do you think?

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Wooden Yurt in Vermont for Healing & Relaxation

private sound healing temple Octagonal Tiny House 2

Images via Jason/Airbnb

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Romee & Ruud were indie folk musicians traveling the Netherlands in their amazing green VW bus, but had the desire to put down some roots. So they built a wooden yurt from all kinds of recycled, reclaimed and thrifted materials.

The inside of the yurt is typical studio-style with a loft bedroom and oodles of plants. One of the unique features of this home is that it’s designed to be taken apart and moved if they ever need to relocate — not unlike the Mongolian yurts that started this round home trend centuries ago. What do you think?

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It’s Designed to Be Transportable If Needed!

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This is the Yurt Treetop Escape in Australia where you can vacation via Airbnb!

Although you’ve probably seen many yurts with canvas exteriors, this one is timber-framed (my personal favorite). It has 12 sides and you’ll find a comfy bed, full bathroom and a kitchenette inside. It sits in rainforest paradise and the handmade picnic table outside is a perfect place to enjoy a meal. Get more details below.

Could you live in a yurt? Enjoy the pictures!

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Wooden Yurt Treetop Escape in Australia

Images via Airbnb

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