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This is a kid’s chef school tiny house built by Wohnwagon. It is a tiny house on wheels designed and built to teach children how to cook. Very clever, I love it! Below is the translation from their Facebook post.

Wow! The Children’s chef mobile is nominated for the children’s friendly prize 2019! Congratulations to the dedicated team in karlsruhe! Great what you’re doing there, we keep our fingers crossed for the children’s jury to decide right 😉

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Children’s Cooking School on Wheels… A Tiny House Chef Academy for Kids!😊🍴

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This tiny house is designed and built by Wohnwagon in Austria near Vienna.

The exterior of this tiny home is beautiful, isn’t it? Once you go inside through the modern french doors you’ll find an open layout with a table, multi-functional sofa bed, built in storage, shelves, kitchenette, and a bathroom. All of this in a one level floor plan. That means no sleeping loft, no ladders, and no staircases.

How do you like this tiny house design? Do you think you can live tiny in it? Let us know why or why not in the comments and either way, please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Beautiful Wohnwagon Tiny House in Austria

Wohnwagon Tiny House in Austria

Images © Wohnwagon.at

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