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Bruce Winckler saw a lovely whimsical treehouse crafted by Daniel Huscroft and Timothy Lindberg, and thought that kind of dwelling would fit perfectly on Vancouver Island where he lived. He asked the builders if they’d create a cottage in the same vein, and they agreed.

And so this Hansel and Gretel cottage came off the pages of a storybook and into real life! It’s about 450 square feet, not including the loft bedroom, and while the exterior has fairy tale charm, the interior has a clean and contemporary feel with all the creature comforts.

You’ll love the video interview and tour with Living Big in a Tiny House which you can watch below!

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Bruce’s Storybook Cottage with Contemporary Interior

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This whimsical micro cottage looks like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it?

It’s built by Dan Pauly of The Rustic Way in Elk River, MN and accommodates up to three people.

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Whimsical Micro Cottage Built by The Rustic Way

The Rustic Way Whimsical Micro Cottage

Images © The Rustic Way

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