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Guillermo has lived all over the world. Born in Argentina, he spent a few years in Florida before doing most of his growing up in Spain. As an adult, he moved to the US where he’s lived for 26 years in a number of states including Pennsylvania, Texas, and California. Bus life had always been on his bucket list, but he jumped into it quite rapidly after meeting the woman who renovated this VW bus.

She was looking for more space, and before he knew it, Guillermo was buying it from her! It has awesome murals that she put in, a beautiful coat of turquoise paint, and lovely striped upholstery. Its small size means that he does most of his living outdoors — which is how he likes it!

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Traveling Light in His Volkswagen Bus

Renovated VW Camper Van Turqoise

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Brett Belan’s DIY Solar-Powered VW EV Bus. He bought an old VW bus and turned it into his very own solar-powered electric vehicle (this is a link to ANOTHER story). Can you imagine having your own electric vehicle that you can charge using the sun wherever you may be? One that… You built/converted into electric yourself? Yup, that’s what Brett did.

Brett Belan and his wife Kira have built a full electric solar powered volkswagen bus and converted it into a camper 1

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He Turned an Old VW Bus into a Solar-Powered, Self-Charging Electric Vehicle! WOW…

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This is a Subaru-powered 1970 VW bus for sale in Hillsboro, Oregon.

On the outside, it has a little bit of rust so it still needs some body work.

The Subaru engine gives it more power than the original engine. Some people call it a BUSARU.

Asking price is $8,000. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Subaru-Powered 1970 VW Bus For Sale

1970 VW Camper For Sale 001

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When Sam Jacquette was paying $1100 a month in rent and working at a job that he didn’t enjoy just to pay his bills he decided he would make some changes.

He set a 2014 New Year’s resolution to stop doing things he didn’t enjoy doing and to start doing everything he wanted to do. And making this 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia van his home on wheels would be the first step.

After buying it, he got rid of his apartment, quit his job, and has been living in it and focusing on his New Year’s resolution. To do so, he’s decided to only keep his “top 5 favorites” of just about all of his possessions. His wardrobe, for example, is very minimal.

As for work goes, now he’s doing something more in line with his passion since he’s able to afford to make the decision after the drastic downsize. He now works for Hofmann Architecture helping to restore Airstream travel trailers. And Sam’s goal is to upgrade into an Airstream in the near future.

Young Man Moves Into 1985 VW Van to Create His Own Destiny


Images © Faircompanies

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I wanted you to meet someone who decided to turn to become a van dweller in his 1991 Volkswagen Westfalia.

Kidding about the down by the river part but seriously: he decided to move into his van while still working at his job.

His reason behind it is because one of his dreams has been to become a photographer. He didn’t have to do this, as you’ll learn in a moment.

So he got rid of his house payment by living in a van made for traveling. In the video he’ll show and explain everything, including his:

  • $99 foam mattress for sleeping
  • Sleeping bag to stay warm
  • Dresser drawer underneath couch
  • Electronics and accessories
Van Dwelling in a Volkswagen Westfalia

Photo Courtesy of Living the Van Life on YouTube

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