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This is Boyd’s cheap DIY Micro Camper.

He built the whole thing himself and you can watch his video tour below.

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He Built Affordable, DIY Micro Camper with Fold Down Picnic Table!


Images © Boyd Earl

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After 25-year old Mike Hudson quit his job he spent the next 5 months building his new home. An old cargo van that he would live off grid in and travel around Europe with.

Leaving from England heading throughout Europe visiting music festivals and camping everywhere in between he has everything he needs inside his van. There is a kitchen with space to cook, a mini refrigerator, solar panels for power, shower, toilet, work desk area and even a hammock.

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He quit his job, built out this cargo van tiny home, and is traveling Europe while sharing his experience online

Man Converts Cargo Van to Travel Around Europe

Images © Van Dog Traveller

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I thought you’d like to tour Karen’s 265 sq. ft. backyard cottage in Berkeley, CA.

Karen originally intended to use her backyard tiny house for her own personal use but she soon realized renting it out would be a great way to earn extra income.

As you walk onto the front porch and through the french doors to go inside you are greeted by the living area, kitchen and bathroom. And when you go upstairs you have the sleeping loft with storage cabinets.

Karen had New Avenue Homes build this tiny cottage for her right in her backyard. Below you can take a full video tour of the backyard cottage filmed by our friends at Fair Companies.

Tiny Backyard Cottage for Extra Income and Asset-Building


Images © New Avenue Homes

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Every Sunday I’ve been giving you a round up of the previous week’s new content.

If you missed last week, the recap is right here.

For those of you celebrating Easter, HAPPY EASTER!

So here’s what you might have missed earlier this week here on Tiny House Talk:

I really enjoyed putting together this week’s posts for you guys, especially the post on that Yuba Mundo Cargo Utility Bicycle.

So here are some featured posts that I think you’ll enjoy from our friends around the Internet:

Last week I ran into yet another box truck that was most likely converted into a habitable RV. This one is a little stealthier than last week’s.

Stealthy Travel Box Truck - Van Dwelling Stealthy Travel Box Truck - Van Dwelling

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Most of you here already know Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen but some of you might NOT know his brother…

Dustin Diedricksen and his wife, Dawn, live in this super simple 850 square foot house.

Dustin jokes, “No arguments because there’s no place to run to!”

They kid around that they have to get along in order to live in such a small home. But the benefits are obvious…

  • rent/mortgage savings
  • much lower expenses and utility bills
  • being able to pay off house fast
  • keeping life simple

And they seem to love it.

Plus there’s a baby coming… But they’re making room for that with no issues (they’re handy and they’ve found the extra space within the 850 square feet).

Small House Video Tour

That’s a screen shot of their upstairs sleeping loft in their simple home… You can watch the full video tour right below.

By the way… Derek and Dustin will be hosting an outdoor/indoor tiny house/shelter building workshop in 2011. Exact date is yet to be announced but if you have any interest (I’ll most likely be there!) message Deek at kidcedar-at-gmailDOTcom for more information.

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Here’s a fun video on going off the grid on an island for six days.

It’s called Little Deadman’s Cay in the Bahamas — there is only one house on the nine and a half acre island and that’s where he stays with his wife.

The house does have its amenities like solar panels and a windmill.

In the video he says “this is still very much like camping only in a really nice tent.”

They had to take gravity showers outside and give up the Internet, television, and replaced it with each other, reading, and the environment.

Enjoy watching…