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This Victorian Prepper Tiny House is a guest post by Stew MacInnes of Maximus Extreme Tiny Homes

This is another Maximus Extreme Tiny Home, affectionately called the Victorian Prepper. I designed this home for a lady that is an avid “Doomsday Prepper,” who was looking to have a home that not only had off grid capability but had a very distinct Victorian design element.

You’ll note from the photos that the front incorporates a turret design, where the kitchen is located and above the kitchen is the master loft. The loft is accessed by a staircase that has ample storage for food, household items, clothing and firearms!

The interior has bead-board walls and a finish grade plywood wainscot that is accented with decorative trim. There is another smaller loft that is specifically designated for dry food storage, the space is large enough to accommodate a year and a half worth of dry goods! That space also is home for one of two “mini on-demand” hot water heaters that serve this tiny house, the other is located below the stainless steel apron kitchen sink.

There is a large bathroom that is equipped with a composting toilet, fan, concrete floors (same product as the kitchen counters), storage and a tiled shower stall (with glass door). Throughout the home the ceilings are covered with faux tin ceiling tiles. The kitchen is large and features tons of storage, a microwave oven, refrigerator and concrete counters.

The Victorian Prepper Tiny House on Wheels

The Victorian Prepper Tiny House on Wheels

Images © MaximusExtreme

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