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Looking for an awesome tiny spot to vacation? This sustainable tiny house has stunning views of rolling hills and the Green Mountains, and is close to outdoor activities like skiing and hiking in Stowe.

You’ll feel secluded and comfortable in this private getaway. It has electricity and is otherwise off-grid, allowing you to enjoy an eco-friendly vacation. The living room is particularly stunning with oodles of windows and a sliding door to the back deck.

You can book your stay on Airbnb here.

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Stay in This Sustainable Tiny House in Vermont

Vermont Tiny House Vacation with Green Mountain Views 19

Images via Airbnb/Michael

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This is the Charlavail solar tiny house on wheels by Jamaica Cottage Shop with Relax Shacks.

Outside, you’ll notice the house has board and batten siding, round windows, and a curved roof.

When you go inside, you’ll find the walls and ceilings are paneled with pine. There are two lofts, one for sleeping and a smaller one for storage. Next to the front door you’ll find a breakfast nook with three windows. The bathroom includes a toilet and a stand-up shower.

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The Charlavail Solar Tiny House on Wheels


Images © relaxshacksDOTcom via YouTube

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Ethan has recently finished the long process of designing and building his own DIY tiny house on wheels in Vermont.

And it has a lot of unique features like a secret cat door, track door to bathroom, large useful kitchen with double sink, and lots more.

He’s really done an incredible job of creating a tiny home that fits his needs perfectly. And now he’s excited to share it with you and me along with how he did it.

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Ethan’s Tiny House on Wheels in Vermont


Images © Ethan Waldmen/RelaxShacks

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Kelly submitted a photo of her Vermont Garden Cottage.  It’s a 6 x 8 garden studio that her husband Joe designed and built it himself.  I thought it was pretty impressive for his first building project.

They spent just $200 on costs for it and it was made with mostly recycled materials. 

Read more about the Vermont Garden Cottage and see the picture here (link opens in new window to tiny-house-living.com, a resource website for tiny houses).