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This is the story of Colin and Sofi. They’re a family with two young children + a dog who are living and traveling out of a huge van and go by @afueravida which translates to “outdoor life”.

But it’s not just any van. It’s a 1978 Mercedes 508D German Command Vehicle. Yeah! It’s a pretty serious vehicle and may even be considered a bus. So here is their story thanks to the Tiny Home Tours Team… Enjoy!

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Young Family Convert 1978 Mercedes 508D German Command Vehicle Into Their Motorhome

They're Living And Traveling In A Huge Van With 2 Kids!

Images © Tiny Home Tours/YouTube

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This is a Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ w/ a rooftop tiny house!

I suppose it’s sort of like a teardrop camper, only it’s built right onto the roof of the car.

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Dually Suzuki Samurai ‘Jeep’ with a Rooftop Tiny House/Shed?!

Suzuki Samurai Jeep Spotted with a Rooftop Tiny House or Shed

via Facebook

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