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Katja & Björn have been traveling Scandinavia in their self-converted van — named Beelzebus — for nearly 4 years now! Most recently they purchased a garage/workshop in Gotland (where they have family) which they’ve been renovating to act as a rental property and a spot they can stay when they come home.

Below they share their van life story, as well as some pictures and a video tour of their progress on the garage overhaul. Enjoy!

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Plus Their Garage-to-Tiny-Home Project

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This is the story of Jennelle Eliana and why she moved into a van by choice at 20-years-old.

She decided to make a big life change with the help of a van that she bought for $2,500.

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She Moved Into a Van At 20 (Here’s Why And How)

Why She Moved Into A Van At 20 via Jennelle Eliana YouTube 001

Images via Jennelle Eliana/YouTube

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