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This is the story of Ody, a 39-year-old Mercedes 307D van conversion that the couple originally bought in Germany. The couple, Dana and Lou, taught themselves how to convert the van thanks to videos on YouTube.

It took them 6 months to complete, and now they’re traveling Europe and living out their van life dream. Dana and Lou named their van Ody and outfitted it with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and plenty of smart storage. What do you think? Could you see yourself living and traveling in a van like this?

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Couple’s 1980 Mercedes 307D Van Life in Europe (And How They Did It)

Dana and Lous Refurbished 1980 Mercedes 370D Van Conversioin – Wild We Roam

Image © Wild We Roam via YouTube

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This is to let you know about this 2017 Ram Promaster 1500 Van Conversion that’s for sale out of Boerne, Texas. It’s listed over at Conversion Trader (cool website!) for $49,000.

This one has 28,750 miles on it, a 6-cylinder engine, and was used for a 3-month ski trip through Colorado, Utah, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Canadian Powder Highway. The current owners bought it new and converted it to suit two people comfortably. With new and used Class B’s being so expensive, conversions like this one can be a more affordable option. Or better yet, you can use the free inspiration here to start your own van conversion for much less.

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2017 Ram Promaster 1500 Van Conversion For Sale in Texas for $49k

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Did you know about the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman? I wasn’t sure if you did! Well, if you’re interested in learning more about living tiny, this is one of the best podcasts you can listen to.

The episodes are free and are usually 25 minutes to an hour long, which is perfect for a commute, gym session, laundry session, the dishes, or a nice walk if you’re lucky enough to have all your chores done.

Anyways, the episodes are all very interesting and cover a wide range of topics. You may learn what it takes to go completely off-grid, how to advocate for tiny homes in your city, or how a musician uses a tiny house on wheels to travel and tour full-time. You get a list of some of my favorite episodes below which you can enjoy right away. Please go ahead and scroll down to enjoy. Thanks!

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The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman – Learn What It Takes to Live Tiny with this Free Podcast!

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This is the story of Lindsey’s 80-square-foot rolling tiny home. It’s a 2011 Sprinter Van that she and her dad converted into a stealthy motorhome.

They did it together, while she worked part-time, in just under 6 months using about $8,000 in materials. Take a look and let us know what you think below. This is our exclusive interview with her. You will also find a treasure trove of resources on help with converting your own van at the bottom of this page, after the interview. Enjoy!

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Lindsey’s 80-square-foot Sprinter van conversion

How she turned her van into an 80-square-foot rolling tiny home

Images © WhereYouMakeIt.com

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This is the story of Gretchen’s stealth camper van conversion. She bought a van, moved in with her two Scotties (named Flanagan and Campbell), and then eventually had it insulated and converted by purchasing a kit from a company in Colorado that specializes in van conversions! So here’s how it all went down.

I (and my two scotties, Flanagan and Campbell) set off from Seattle to Colorado Springs in mid-October to have the kit installed at Wayfarer vans.

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Gretchen’s DIY/Stealth Camper Van Conversion

Gretchens Super Van Conversion 001

Images © Gretchen L.

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Anthony Roberge is a singer-songwriter from Quebec, Canada who converted a Sprinter van into a budget camper.

He did it so he could travel to shows with all of his gear, and have a free place to sleep afterward.

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Musician’s Sprinter Van Tiny House

Musician Living in a Camper Van – Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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