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This modern farmhouse-styled silo sits on a beautiful property in Ohio. There are two symmetrical additions to the main cylinder, which contain the bathroom and bedroom, respectively. The silo itself has a couch and kitchenette.

The covered porch in the back houses a grill, patio furniture, hammock swings, and a hot tub, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors. There’s also a fire pit a safe walk from the building. What do you think of this cool spot?

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This Silo Vacation Has an Awesome Outdoor Living Space

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Here’s a lovely little spot in Eagleton, Australia that sits right on the water! You couldn’t ask for better views, honestly. The tiny house is bright white inside and all the windows let in tons of natural light.

There’s a loft bedroom, back bathroom and open concept living and kitchen area. The whole thing is well-equipped as a vacation cabin, and heated and cooled by a mini-split. What do you think?

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Right On The Water Tiny House Vacation

The Clyde Tiny Away. 5

Images via Tiny Away

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This is a 17th Century Stable Cottage that’s been totally renovated into a lovely vacation home in Sussex, England.

I love seeing one-floor plans with a big, open main living area. I think for folks who hate stairs, this kind of floor plan is perfect! The bedroom and bathroom sit off the main room that overlooks stunning pasture dotted with sheep.

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17th Century Stable Cottage Vacation in England

Images via Choose Cottage

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This is a Central Oregon Sunriver Vacation Cottage you can rent via Home Away.

Why show vacation properties? Sometimes these older cottages and cabins are cleverly designed! We can always glean something from examining the open layout and, of course, the beautiful exterior of this home. It doesn’t share the square-footage, but this is certainly more of a “small” home. Might give families some ideas for downsizing!

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Central Oregon Sunriver Vacation Cottage

Images via Home Away

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Nestled in the woods this tiny garden cottage is rare in style and design. There is a glass wall on one side of the cottage that is covered with wooden shutters.

During the day these shutters can be opened allowing the beautiful warm sunlight to come inside and then be closed at night for privacy.

The tiny garden cottage was done by architects from Zecc and teamed up with the interior designer, Roel van Norel. Together they made this small space very functional to live in full time.

All the natural sunlight and wood details give this home a cozy feel. About two-thirds of the garden cottage is the living/dining area and kitchen.

Check out all the photos and enjoy!

Modern Tiny Dutch Cottage w/ Wooden Shutters, Large Windows, and Zen Feel

Tiny Dutch Garden Cottage with Wooden Shutters

Images © Roel van Norel

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