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This is a 28ft Payette Urban Tiny Home with a bump out which actually makes it 31ft of total living space.

This is built by Tru Form Tiny for a customer who wanted to maximize the living space. It features an office space downstairs which could also easily be a toddler’s bedroom. What do you think, could you see yourself living tiny with a baby in a space like this?

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28ft Payette Urban Tiny Home on Wheels with a Bump Out That Extends Living Space to 31ft!

28ft Urban Payette Tiny Home with Bump Out

Images © TruForm Tiny

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This is a Kootenay Urban 22ft tiny home on wheels with a bump out.

This is a smaller Kootenay with open layout. A 24 foot option can achieve the same feeling with a larger bathroom. Having a ladder allows for more open space and a larger peninsula. We recommend a lift bed (with storage inside), or elevator bed downstairs, for main level sleeping. Often times people use the lofts for storage and live on the main floor. However, if the loft ladder doesn’t bother you, and you want more head room you can expand our dormers (flat roof over loft and 4:12 along the rest of the tiny).

22ft Urban Tiny Home with Bump Out


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Accessory dwelling units (ADU) are small homes that can be built in the backyards of larger homes, in cities where they’ve been approved.

They’re also sometimes known as carriage, coach, or laneway houses.

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ADU’s… Today’s Loophole for Building Small Homes Legally

Image © Colin Perry and Lanefab

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