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I ran into this really cool urban house boat the other day. Here’s a little bit about the company right from their website…

Urban Houseboats Inc. (UHI) was created in 2007 by its partnering founders – Sean Conner and Rodney Hanscomb. Their desire was to design and manufacture a live aboard vessel that provided high end styling and mobility, with the feeling of home. UHI is now filling a void in a market that is not being met by any other manufacturer in the boating or housing industry.

As opposed to floating homes, Urban Houseboats are motorized and mobile. They are an alternative in the liveaboard market (floating homes and yachts) which can be limiting in the number available, high upfront prices, and ongoing cost of maintenance. Urban Houseboats provide the same rich lifestyle and million dollar views, but at a greatly reduced cost.

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