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This is a windmill cottage in England called the Old Smock Mill.

It’s a cozy little place to stay out of Benenden, England via Airbnb. How do you like it?

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Old Smock Windmill Cottage in Benenden England

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This is the story of a family of 8 and their bendy bus conversion!

It does 5 and a half miles per gallon but considering it weighs 26 tons, carries 30 days worth of water, and is completely ready for boon-docking, it’s really not bad. Especially when considering the completely unforgettable experience they’re creating together as a family. Their great-great-grandchildren will easily be talking about this. So what do you think? Too big or too cool?

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Family of 8 Living and Traveling in Huge (And Rare) Converted Bendy Bus

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This is an abandoned crane that was converted into a tiny house with (of course) an incredible view. Best of all, you can book a stay in it if you want to.

Enjoy the ultimate view over the IJ river from the comfort of the most beautiful bed in Amsterdam! 1

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Old Crane Turned Into Luxury Tiny Home with Amazing 360 Degree Views!

The Yays Crane Apartment in Amsterdam 001

Images via Yays

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This is the Ufogel cabin. Some say it looks like a bird, and others say it looks like a spacecraft. Either way, it’s pretty unique and cool and I thought you may like it. Have you seen this modern tiny cabin called the Ufogel yet?

The Ufogel cabin is on stilts and offers 484-square-foot of living space. It’s really one of a kind, isn’t it? The tiny cabin is located in Austria and available as a vacation rental. How would you like to live or stay in a cabin like this?

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Modern Tiny Cabin Called the Ufogel

UFO-inspired Tiny Cabin

Images © Ufogel

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get to see the rest (including inside) below:

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I’m so thrilled to show you this tiny home that was built using three shipping containers. Steve, the owner/builder, has been collecting ideas for this project for years.

He’s a computer programmer who loves designing and building. His website is awesome because he shows you how he did it, too.

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Containers to Cabin Conversion

Tin Can Cabin Shipping Container Tiny House

Images: Steve at Tin Can Cabin

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of tour of this awesome shipping container cabin below:

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