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What if you could have the mobility of an RV, with the quality of a tiny house? Uncharted Tiny Homes, known for their beautiful stick-built tiny houses, has recently ventured into the world of recreational trailers designed to go anywhere! Unlike typical RVs with their cookie-cutter interiors, The Outpost has a cozy, modern design.

This one comes with four bunks — perfect for friends or families headed out for weekend travels in the great outdoors. It might even work well for an outdoor-focussed Airbnb. There’s an exterior awning to create an awesome outdoor living area, and a back deck for carrying motorcycles, ATVs or bikes. What do you think?

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This Adventure RV Tiny House Has Bunk Beds, Kitchenette, a Bathroom, and Toy Hauler!

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The Estate is just one of many tiny house models on the market today that address people’s desire for a ground-floor bedroom. And this one does more than that! It also includes two lofts connected by a catwalk.

There’s a galley kitchen, a bathroom with space for a roomy shower, and an entryway/living room where you can tuck in a comfortable couch. This design/build is by Uncharted Tiny Homes and costs $85,000.

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The Estate Tiny House by Uncharted Tiny Homes

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Jennifer was living with her two teenage sons when she first saw tiny homes on TV. She really wanted one of her own, but wanted to wait until the boys were off to college to get started. So she made a 5-year plan and three months ago moved into her adorable THOW called “The Hairy Respite.”

She lives in her house, custom-designed by Uncharted Tiny Homes in Arizona, with her three dogs. Every part of her home was thoughtfully planned out, from her large living area with a comfy daybed, to her downstairs bedroom with 8 feet of closet space, to her bathroom with a single unit washer and dryer and a doggie door.

Enjoy the detailed tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and follow Jennifer’s journey here.

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The Hairy Respite: Solo THOW Living w/ Three Dogs

Her 5-Year Plan to Go Tiny by Age 50

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This newest model by Uncharted Tiny Homes would make a great family tiny house, or a home for a retired couple who gets the grandkids every now and then. The Château features the coveted downstairs bedroom that fits a queen, as well as a loft that can fit a king or a couple of twin beds.

While all Uncharted Tiny Homes can be customized to your style preferences, this one has a modern farmhouse feel complete with an electric fireplace and a cubby office perfect for working from home.

You’ll find all the appliances — including a dishwasher — in the L-shaped kitchen with stools for a breakfast bar. There’s also a residential-sized bathroom that won’t make you feel like you’ve gone tiny! This model starts at $95,000, and you can contact the seller here.

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Queen-sized Downstairs Bedroom in this THOW!

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This is the Bunkhouse, a new 310 sq. ft. model from Uncharted Tiny Homes in Arizona that’s built on a 30 ft. gooseneck trailer.

This particular tiny home we built for one of our clients is being used as an RV. She opted for the gooseneck trailer instead of our standard bumper-pull and she didn’t need some of the features we normally include in our tiny homes. The cost of this tiny home exactly as you see it in these photos is around $90,000 with solar included but starts at $65,000 with our standard features. All of our models can be customized to fit your needs and lifestyle! The Bunkhouse is perfect for families as it has a master loft and a separate room for the kids!

According to their website, you can fit an 11. ft. sectional sofa in the living room — how cool! Enjoy the photo tour.

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The Bunkhouse: New Model from Uncharted Tiny Homes

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We’ve shown you the Mansion from Uncharted Tiny Homes before, but here’s a video tour of their custom model.

I always like seeing a person walking inside a tiny house for perspective, and Chris & G from Tiny Home Tours open up all the cabinets and tell us what they like! The couple has been living in a Class A RV, travelling the country, so they have a good idea of what works (and what doesn’t!) in a tiny space.

Check it out, and subscribe to Chris & G’s channel here.

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Tiny Mansion Video Tour: Uncharted Tiny Homes

Tiny Mansion Video Tour: Uncharted Tiny Homes

Screenshots via YouTube/Tiny Home Tours

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This is the Mansion Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s designed and built by Uncharted Tiny Homes in Phoenix, Arizona.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The Mansion Tiny House by Uncharted Tiny Homes

The Mansion Tiny House by Uncharted Tiny Homes 001

Images © Uncharted Tiny Homes

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