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This is a perfect tiny house for one! Built by Trekker Trailers in 2017, it’s now ready for a second owner. The NOAH-certified house is just one level, with a twin-sized daybed with no ladders or stairs.

There’s a 3/4 bathroom at one end of the tiny house, as well as a sink and refrigerator and a plug for a microwave or electric stove top. You can store clothing and more in the wardrobe next to the bed.

You’ll also find a small dinette and plenty of storage under the bed. You can contact the seller via Tiny House Marketplace here.

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120 Square Foot THOW: Perfect For One

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This is a 1950s Retro Tiny House by Trekker Trailers that has one of my favorite features: A colorful fridge!

I’ve been seeing these more and more on Pinterest and in tiny homes, particularly this aqua/turquoise color. Trekker Trailers designed the custom build around the buyer’s refrigerator choice, and it’s pretty darn cute! Plus, the fold-down bed is a nice space-saver!

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1950s Retro Tiny House by Trekker Trailers

Images via Trekker Trailers

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This is Emily’s tiny house on wheels. It’s called the Little Sunshine and the exterior was built by Trekker Trailers in Leesburg, Florida while Emily and her partner, Clark, finished the interior.

It’s built on a 24′ triple-axle trailer and it features a combination of metal and wood siding with a slightly slanted shed-style roof that increases spaciousness inside. You’ll also notice it has three different entrances/exits along with an elevated balcony near the loft. You can tell this is a really well thought out design. And yes, Emily designed it herself using SketchUp using the dimensions she was given by Andrew at Trekker Trailers.

When you go inside, you’ll find a beautiful living space with a kitchen, built-in floor storage, french doors, mini-split air conditioning, full bathroom with washer/dryer, sleeping loft, closet space, and more! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Emily’s 24′ Tiny House on Wheels

Emilys 24 Tiny House on Wheels by Trekker Trailers 001

Images © Emily’s Tiny Adventure via Facebook

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I’m excited about sharing this 8′ x 16′ tiny house for sale with you because the asking price is only $22,000 (update: SOLD). Plus it’s really cool, creative, and has some unique features.

Most notably it has a large honeymoon-style bathtub which is super rare in tiny houses on wheels. In addition it has a custom murphy style queen bed that you can flip up and down (and so you don’t have to use a sleeping loft at all).

You’ll also find a kitchen with an apartment size refrigerator, separate bathroom with RV flush toilet, a bench with storage, systems for multi-functional tables, built-in storage throughout, and more. It was built by Trekker Trailers.

A couple had it custom built by Trekker Trailers but they are now starting a family and are going to need more space so Trekker Trailers is helping them sell it. If you’re interested in buying it contact Andrew Bennett (the current owner/builder).

128 Sq. Ft. Honeymoon Tiny House For Sale


Image © TrekkerTrailers

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