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I just don’t think you can get a better tiny house than one in the trees — there’s something so magical about treehouses! This one, with its unique wood-stack walls, round main living area, and amazing copper soaking tub is something truly spectacular.

Located in the forest of Holditch, England, you’ll find a King-size bed, wrap-around porch, and even a revolving wood stove in the middle! A rope bridge takes you into the home, and you can take a shower in the trees. There’s also a small kitchen for self-catering. Enjoy the photo tour below, let us know what you think, and book your stay over at QuirkyAcom.

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Magical English Treehouse with Sauna, Hot Tub & Outdoor Shower

Woodman’s Treehouse with Awesome Copper Tub! 4

Images via QuirkyAcom.com

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