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This enchanting tree house is the perfect place to relax. Not only does it have a Hobbit-esque book nook (where you could easily take a nap!), it has an outdoor hot tub/bathing tub where you can soak and take in lovely forest views.

There’s a kitchenette with a retro mini-fridge and hot plate, as well as a king-sized bed with a mosquito net canopy and magical twinkle lights. A garage-style-door opens up the indoors to the spacious outdoor deck. Plus, there’s a modern bathroom complete with a two-headed shower!

You can book your stay in this Fredericksburg, Texas treehouse here.

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Book Nook and Tub in the Trees!

Enchanting Live Oak Treehouse at HoneyTree Farm 008

Images via Airbnb/Jacob

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Want that feeling of being “in the trees” without the hassle of multiple flights of stairs or ladders? This Snake House in Portugal, designed by Father-Son team, Tiago & Lus, uses a long gradual ramp to take you from ground level into the “snake head” main living area.

Inside the compact home you’ll find a kitchentte, split bathroom with a toilet room and shower room, and a main living space that includes a couch bed and a queen bed with dazzling forest views! It’s a really cool concept for a “tree house” that doesn’t actually harm any trees.

You can watch the great video tour by FLORB to learn more about the design concept and construction at the end of the post, or book your stay at the Snake House here.

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No Stairs Here (Or Tree Damage) in this Tree House

The Snake House 7

Images via FLORB

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Wait until you see this amazing tree house vacation spot built over 2.5 years with recycled and reclaimed materials! Dubbed Sir Cedric’s Cedar Tree house by Scott, the builder, the 400-square foot place is whimsical and magical.

It was built around a 4-foot-wide Western Red Cedar, and Scott decided not to put any steel rods or connectors into the tree so it could continue to grow uncompromised. Inside there’s a kitchen, living room, and queen-sized bed. Just outside the tree house you’ll find a magical outdoor shower and a practical outhouse with a cool stone sink.

Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey did a fantastic video tour and interview with Scott, and you can rent the tree house over here at Airbnb.

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Magical 400 Sq. Ft. Treehouse Built From Reclaimed Materials

Sir Cedric Treehouse Airbnb Built Around 4-Foot-Wide Western Red Cedar 010

Images via Airbnb

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This off-grid treehouse has a hanging rope bridge that connects it to a magical treetop deck. It was built by Dior and Sylvain from Les Toits du Monde (“Roofs of the World” in English), which is an eco-resort in Nominingue, Québec, Canada — less than 3 hours from Montreal and Ottawa.

The treehouse has a solar panel for the lights, a propane cooktop in the kitchen, a portable solar shower and 5-gallon bucket toilet with sawdust, a wood stove for heat, and they deliver drinking water in jugs that are filled from their well at the main house.

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Tiny Tree House with Hanging Rope Bridge

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This is an announcement for the Tiny Home Village and Feature Gardens at the Denver Home Show on March 17-19.

Here’s your chance to see 12 tiny homes set in beautiful gardens! Plus, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com and host of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders” will speak and attend. You’ll see homes from these exhibitors:

You can buy tickets here. Additional information below!

Tiny Home Village and Feature Gardens at the Denver Home Show

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This is a disassembled tree house for sale in Weston MA.

The owner wants to move the tree house off his property and is selling it for $7,500. It will be deconstructed into four pieces for moving.

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Disassembled Tree House in Weston MA


Images via Chris

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It’s every little girls/boys dream to have a majestic tree fort right in their backyard. For Lynn Knowlton, she made that dream a reality! Lynn, an Interior Designer, lives just outside of Toronto, Canada. She had always wanted a tree fort of her own and decided one day that she was going to make her wish a reality.

Lynn built the most amazing tree house on her property using 100% recycled materials. Even the wood that was used was taken from her friend’s barn that had been knocked down by a tornado. The windows came from various locations like an old church and old houses.

The tree house comes equipped with a gorgeous porch to relax on, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and even a big red slide! It’s able to accommodate two adults, and get this….YOU can book it for a night or two if you wish! Lynn rents her beautiful fort out to anybody wishing for a tree house adventure! Talk about exciting! Bookings to stay in Lynn’s tree house can be made on her blog or on Trip Advisor.

Woman Builds Tree Fort Cabin


Images © Lynne Knowlton

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Baumraum really did it with this tiny modern treehouse.

This tiny home sits on stilts over a man-made pond.

The porch is built with tatajuba wood and the stilts are stainless-steel.

I love the porch because it opens the space to the exterior and gives you an outdoor area to hang out.

There are more than enough windows so it feels roomy, bright, and you’d probably feel like you’re in the outdoors while inside which is so cool.

Below you’ll get to see what it’s like in the interior, too.

Modern Treehouse - Baumraum - King of the frogs | Tiny House Talk

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This modern tree house looks expensive but is completely awesome.

This one is located in Germany and is designed by Baumraum architects.

It has a deck, plenty of windows, and a very nice sleeping area.

They call this one the nut room because it’s designed in the shape of a walnut. It has eight asymmetric posts to help hold it up.

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