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This is the Legacy Tiny House. It’s a traveling tiny house design by Tiny Heirloom.

It’s a no-loft tiny house design with a low roofline and main-floor sleeping, all in 24-ft. What do you think?

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24-ft. Traveling Tiny House By Tiny Heirloom With Main-Floor Sleeping

Legacy Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom A Traveling THOW 003

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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This is the 16ft Tiny House on Wheels built for Living Big In A Tiny House while they are in the United States. It’s called The Little Zen and it was built together with Mike Bedsole of Tiny House Chattanooga.

Together with the amazing team from Tiny House Chattanooga, we have built our very own tiny house on wheels in the United States of America! This incredible home on wheels is 16ft (5 meters) long and designed to travel while still being jam packed with clever design features which make it a fully functional home on wheels.

Be sure to watch the two video tours at the bottom of this page. In one of them, you will get the story and full tour of the tiny house and in the other, you will learn how it was built from start to finish. Enjoy!

The 16ft Little Zen Tiny House on Wheels

The Little Zen Tiny House for Living Big In A Tiny House 001

Photos via Living Big In A Tiny House/YouTube

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