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It’s easy to look at vanlifers and skoolie conversions and get discouraged that you just don’t have the funds to get a large vehicle or the know-how to fix it up. Meg and Ben managed to get on the road spending only $400 on their renovation of an outdated travel trailer — and as long as it’s short enough, you can easily pull one like this with an SUV.

The end result is a bright and lovely home that they renovated in only a few weeks! Meg said they had little to no experience, but by the end they were able to rely on YouTube tutorials to sew chair covers, put up tile, and lay flooring — and you can do the same. They even painted the exterior a stunning blue color.

They’ve both loved escaping the corporate grind and getting closer to Ben’s indigenous roots. Watch their full tour with Tiny Home Tours below. You can follow Meg and Ben over at @blackwolfwanderers on Instagram.

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Escaping the Corporate Grind in their $400 Trailer Reno

Black Wolf’s Travel Trailer Reno: Just $400!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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