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This is the story of Mak and Owen and their 4×4 truck camper tiny house built by Main Line Overland. Believe it or not, before this one, they actually went through two others! Can you imagine?

On the second one, they spend day and night renovating for 9 months only to realize that it wasn’t going to work. Instead of quitting, they did more research and ended up with the rig you see here which they absolutely love. You can follow them on Instagram @bound.for.nowhere. Learn more below.

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Mak and Owen’s 4×4 Tundra Truck Camper Tiny House

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This the story of Kathleen, a solo female living out of a 1987 Toyota van that she converted with the help of Aaron from Run Away Van.

Kathleen is the co-founder of Van Life Diaries and founder of Tiny House Tiny Footprint.

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Solo Female Living Out of a 1987 Toyota Van Conversion

Solo Female Living out of an 87 Toyota Van 001

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