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Some people may assume that #vanlifers are all college dropouts, wanderers, or folks who simply can’t afford a typical home, but Missy & Matt defy all the stereotypes! This couple got their bachelor’s degrees, got married, bought a house, and worked the typical 9-5 schedule.

But that life proved wholly unsatisfactory for them. They wanted to travel and see the world, so they rented out their house in January and bought this awesome 1992 Toyota Coaster (from Japan, with a right-hand steering wheel and Japanese instructions and everything!). Most of the interior is original to the Coaster, which actually makes it all the more special.

Enjoy the amazing video tour and interview by Tiny Home Tours below.

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1992 Toyota Coaster (with Right-Hand Steering) Van Home

Couple’s 1992 Toyota Coaster From Japan 6

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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