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Even though Tony Hsieh is has about $840 million dollars in net worth, he has recently chosen to live simply in a tiny Airstream travel trailer after giving up his luxury apartment.

Granted he does own the 1-acre RV Park where it’s parked. Tony is CEO of Zappos.com which was recently acquired by Amazon.com for over one billion dollars. Right now he is spending over $350 million of his own money investing in and rebuilding downtown Las Vegas where Zappos company headquarters is at. Hsieh is also author of the bestselling book called Delivering Happiness.

His Airstream is a 2013 model with about 200 sq. ft. of living space inside. Unfortunately the Airstream Village is fully occupied and yes it even has Tumbleweed Tiny Houses on the property!

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Living in Tiny Airstream

Zappos Tony Hsiehs Airstream RV Park

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