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Remember the architect behind the Pinecone Treehouse we showed you recently? Well he has a whole new endeavor! A franchise of his innovative O2 Treewalkers Treehouses.

These are unique treehouse tents feature a modular wooden base with a canvas roof. The idea behind the project is to give homeowners a reasonably-priced way to get into the Airbnb rental business, all with the Treewalkers brand behind them to help promote their spaces.

When you climb up into the treehouse, you’ll find a round space where you can include a bed, bench seating, and storage. The treehouses start at $35,000, and if you’d like to get on the list you can learn more here. Thanks James D. for sharing!

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Join the Latest Trend in Glamping: O2 Treewalkers

O2 Treewalkers Treehouse: Newest Glamping Option

Images via O2 Treewalkers

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This is a tiny house movement timeline… A brief history of tiny homes. How far back does the tiny house movement go? Some could argue that tiny homes have been here since the dawn of man. And it’s true, isn’t it? But for the purposes of this article, I’d like to start by skipping to the year 1854 because that’s the year that Henry David Thoreau published his book, Walden, after living in a 150-square-foot tiny cabin near Walden Pond on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s woodland property.

Little did he know, that he may be largely responsible for having sparked the giant tiny house movement that we are witnessing today. So please join me on a journey back in time, to explore the tiny homes of yesterday and see how they have inspired the tiny and small homes of today. And who knows, maybe we can figure out what the tiny homes of the future will be like? Let’s go…

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1854 – Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden while living in a 150-square-foot tiny cabin.


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Here’s a new tiny house documentary I thought you might also enjoy watching.

It’s about a family of five who decide to embark on the journey of a roadtrip.

And it’s not just on any “normal” motorhome/RV/travel trailer.

They’re doing it in a 1981 VW Westfalia camper van.

Each family member can only bring one backpack.

Family of 5 Traveling in a 50 Sq. Ft. VW Bus for a Summer

I urge you to enjoy this almost 2 hour long 100% free to watch tiny house documentary below:

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