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This modern farmhouse-styled silo sits on a beautiful property in Ohio. There are two symmetrical additions to the main cylinder, which contain the bathroom and bedroom, respectively. The silo itself has a couch and kitchenette.

The covered porch in the back houses a grill, patio furniture, hammock swings, and a hot tub, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors. There’s also a fire pit a safe walk from the building. What do you think of this cool spot?

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This Silo Vacation Has an Awesome Outdoor Living Space

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This beautiful farm stay feels rural and private while also being close enough to local attractions in New South Wales that you’ll have no chance to get bored! The tiny house itself is a modern studio-style build with a bed on the main floor for maximum comfort.

Across from the queen-sized bed is a kitchenette, folding table, and the bathroom with a glass shower stall and composting toilet. The views off of the little front porch are perfectly pastoral, and sometimes there will be horses in the paddocks! Pretty magical.

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Sleek and Modern THOW with First Floor Bedroom

Kooranung Cabin New South Wales 16

Images via Tiny Away

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Wow! Wait until you watch the renovation slideshow at the end of this post. The owners of the Mountain Time Chalet took it from an outdated 1970s vacation home and turned it into a stunning modern and inviting retreat in Big Bear, California.

Kelly, Waylon, and their infant daughter really went all out doing this DIY renovation. What you’ll find now is a perfect getaway, complete with two bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, and a great open-concept gathering area where you can make memories!

It’s a rental on Airbnb, so be sure to book your stay.

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Couple Transforms this 1970s Chalet into Gorgeous Vacation Spot

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What a cute tiny home mountain retreat for your next vacation (which is hopefully soon!). If you are thinking about buying a tiny house on wheels, I highly recommend staying a few nights (or a whole week!) in one to get an idea of what it’d really be like.

Of course, living in a space is much different than staying for a short time, but this is a very standard compact THOW that would help you get your feet wet. It sleeps up to three, has heating and air conditioning and is fully stocked with linens and towels. There is a grill outside as well as a community hot tub. And you can’t beat the views!

Book your stay at GlampingHub!

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Try out THOW Life in this Colorado Tiny Home

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This is Angela’s whimsical and unique tram-caravan-shack-tiki-bar Airbnb spot in Australia featured on Apartment Therapy.

The hotel consists of four different tiny structures. You guessed it: A tram, a caravan, a shack and a tiki bar.

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Tram-Caravan-Shack-Tiki-Bar Tiny Vacation Spot in AU


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