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If you have aging family members, then you probably know the difficulties associated with care-taking options such as nursing homes and assisted living communities. Sometimes, you want to be the person who takes care of your aging parent. You want to be as near them as possible, yet you also would like them to maintain a sense of independence while they are living with you. Enter the Drop HomeTM, a 240-square-foot mobile home designed specifically for families who want to keep close tabs on their aging family members.

The 24-year-old entrepreneurs who designed this house, Jesse Lammi and Jon Louiselle, live in Minnesota and say that they have designed this with their grandparents in mind. Lammi in particular said that his motivation for starting the organization NextDoor HousingTM, which builds the home, was his ailing grandfather. Lammi’s family wanted a transitional, mobile housing option but could not find what they were looking for. They eventually had to put Lammi’s grandfather in a nursing home.

240 Sq. Ft. Mobile Home For Families With Aging Loved Ones

240 Sq. Ft. Mobile Homes Created For Families With Aging Loved Ones

Images © MyFoxTwinCities/NextDoorHousing

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