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Looking for a true off-grid experience? This secluded log cabin in Vermont is an amazing little spot on nearly 20 wonderful acres of land.

You won’t have wifi or electricity, but there’s seasonal solar-powered water in the sink & outdoor shower and a wood stove to warm you up! These accommodations are definitely basic, but just what you might need to escape the rat race and get back to nature for a few days.

It’s located close to hiking trails, rock climbing, swimming holes, kayaking, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding! So you’ll find ways to fill your time even if you can’t log into Netflix.

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Vacation in this Secluded Off-Grid Log Cabin in Vermont!

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This is Steve’s 400 sq. ft. Cabin off Big Twin Lake in Winthrop, Washington that he built as a retirement home.

In order to build just fifty feet from the lakeside, Steve had to build “tiny” and so he has his cabin on a 20 ft. by 20 ft. slab. The self-contained space has a composting toilet and shower in the bathroom, pull down stairs to bed loft with window dormer, and handmade furniture that includes a futon bed.

Steve said it’s built with a log post structure and 6” walls covered with 1” styrofoam and stucco. His kitchen has an apartment size fridge and range and he enjoys a built-in indoor-outdoor sound system including a sub-woofer. Best of all? There’s a dock for relaxing or fishing!

If you have questions for Steve, ask in the comments!

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Steve’s 400 sq. ft. Cabin Off Big Twin Lake in Winthrop, Washington

Images via Steve

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This is the Stunning Gate Lodge by The Little Log House Company. (UPDATE 7/19/21): The company has gone out of business).

This 296 sq. ft. looks way bigger than it is, but at under 400 sq. ft. it’s certainly still tiny. It has two bedrooms upstairs and a gracious living/dining/kitchen area on the first floor. There’s even a second-floor balcony for gazing out at the snow! Pretty neat, right?

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Whimsical Log Cabin Tiny House

Images via The Little Log House Company

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This is and adorable tiny log cabin in Poland.

Outside, you’ll find a traditional-looking square home with a cozy gable metal roof and stone chimney. The house is made of logs and on the inside, is clad in pine.

A tiny wood-burning stove sits in the corner of the home on a stone facade. The bathroom includes a stand-up shower and heated stone floors. A ladder leads to the loft above where a bed sits on the floor under a skylight. Step outside onto the porch and enjoy gorgeous views of the Polish landscape in any season.

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Tiny Log Cabin in Poland

Tiny Log Cabin in Poland 001

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This is a tiny log cabin on wheels by Rolling Cabins.

From the outside, it looks like a tiny log cabin with an upstairs loft. You’ll also notice it has a covered front porch and extra interior space built over the tongue of the trailer.

When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping loft.

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Tiny Log Cabin on Wheels by Rolling Cabins


Images © Rolling-Cabins.com

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Mark shared these pictures with me on Facebook of a tiny log cabin he just stayed in with his friends.

They built it during the 90’s, I believe, on the weekends until it was completed.

And they’re all still enjoying it to this day.

Tools required and recommended for log construction:

In these pictures, it was about 16 degrees outside so they were enjoying a warm fire inside.

The love the idea of a little cabin in the woods or mountains.

Some people dream it, and others do it. Have you read Lloyd Kahn’s latest book on Tiny Homes?

Hope you like the pictures and thanks so much, Mark, for sharing.

Tiny Log Cabin from Mark

Photos by Mark Neill

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This tiny log cabin on a trailer is 8′ x 16′.

It’s in Plattsburgh, NY and if you have been wanting to stay in a tiny house for a few nights–you can take your next vacation in this one!

If your spouse or significant other is hesitant this can be a way for you to give it a real shot.

The owner, Les, built the home himself back in 2009 and he uses it as a rental on his property on Lake Champlain.

There’s a private beach where visitors can kayak, canoe, rowboat or paddle boat.

He built this in a unique way compared to most other tiny houses on trailers out there because he left the sides on the utility trailer intact.

Les designed it this way because he believes it’s stronger this way structurally. I think that’s a good point and I like the way he did it–notice below.

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Tiny Log Cabin on a Trailer - For Rent
Photos Courtesy of Les Delorimier

This little house has the following features inside:

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Have you ever thought of building your own tiny log cabin in the woods?

When I found this guy’s videos on Youtube I was pretty excited. He has built at least two really small log houses in the woods using materials within 100 feet of the construction sites all by himself. Imagine doing all the notching yourself along with shingling your own roof with materials you found. That’s what this guy did with the help of some power tools. He even made his own flooring which you’ll see in a minute (if you can stream videos). Both projects were done as a one man show, that’s part of the reason both houses are so tiny.

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How to Build Your own Tiny Log Cabin

Tiny Log Cabin in the Woods

The first cabin project was more of an experiment which took a total of 100 hours of labor. This one used 5 fir trees, some saplings, a bag of screws, mortar, concrete blocks, thick poly, and a zinc strip for the roof.

It sits on 4 big rocks for a foundation and the floor is made out of dirt. He used a half notch for its simplicity using a hand saw, an axe, and a mallet. Here, check out the progress in the video below…

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Lyle over at Jalopy Cabins contacted me this week about the completion of their latest tiny cabin… The Ski Hut. This tiny home is 10′ by 16′ plus it has a 6′ porch. The logs came from their local Wolf Creek Ski area from when they cleaned up the slopes. They were hand peeled and constructed like Lincoln Logs. I’ll pass it over to Lyle…

If you are not familiar with Jalopy Cabins, it is our mission to use primarily reclaimed or salvaged materials, or someone else’s mistakes (for example the windows on this cabin) to build energy efficient one of a kind cabins

The logs for our latest cabin came off a ski resort about 30 minutes from where we live and were from the clean up they did for the slopes before the season began last year (hence the name for this cabin!). The hand peeled round logs were more work but really worth it in the end.

All roofing was salvaged from an older house along with the rafters. The door was salvaged and given new life with a working door knob and some new paint.

The windows were someone’s custom order that they didn’t like so we were able to get these nice new windows for a great deal which is inline with our goal of having energy efficient cabins.

All new insulation was used in the ceiling and floor to also help with energy efficiency. The ceiling has high density foam and the floor has radiant energy insulation.

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Tiny Log Cabin Ski Hut

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